Valorant Sniper Weapon Outlaw: Stats, Features, Price, Release Date, More


Valorant Sniper Weapon Outlaw: Stats, Features, Price, Release Date, More

Time to whiff with another weapon.

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Valorant is about to receive a new weapon in the game which is going to be a sniper rifle called Outlaw.
Certain details about the scoped rifle have been leaked by several data miners, starting a huge discussion within the community.
Outlaw is speculated to release along with Episode 8 Act 1 which is coming out next year in 2024.

A new weapon is soon going to be added to Valorant called Outlaw and it is a sniper rifle that will be holding its place somewhere between the existing Operator and Marshal.

This will be the first weapon to make its way into Valorant since the game's release in June 2020 and could shake things up in terms of gun-based gameplay. It will also be a breath of fresh air in terms of content, adding to an already expanding pool of agents, maps, game modes, and cosmetics.

While no official announcement has been made data miners have been able to gather some details about the speculated weapon and here is everything we know about Outlaw.

New Valorant Sniper Weapon Outlaw: Everything You Need To Know

In more than three years that Valorant has been around no new weapons have been added to the game. It is the existing ones that keep receiving nerfs or buffs now and then, but leaks suggest that a new scoped rifle is right around the corner.

The community has come forward with mixed opinions about the sniper and its usage following some details that have been leaked which highlight the weapon's stats, features, design, and price.

Outlaw Sniper Weapon: Stats

According to leaked data, the Outlaw will be able to dish out maximum damage of 238 HP and minimum damage of 119 HP when striking the enemy directly at the head or legs respectively.

The total magazine size of the sniper rifle is not too high with players getting a total of 12 bullets with the weapon, two in the barrel and ten in reserve.

  • Damage: Head 238 HP | Body 140 HP | Legs 119 HP

  • Magazine Size: Weapon 2 Bullets | Reserve 10 Bullets

  • Equip Time: 1.25 secs

  • Firerate: 2.75 rounds/sec

  • Running Speed: 80%

Outlaw Sniper Rifler: New Valorant Weapon

Outlaw Sniper Weapon: Features

The weapon certainly has some unique features that make it standout from the existing scoped rifles Operator and Marshal.

  • It is a single-scope sniper similar to Marshal.

  • When firing unscoped it will not be as accurate as Marshal but still far more accurate than Operator, standing in that sweet middle ground.

  • Unlike Operator and Marshal which need to be reloaded after firing once, Outlaw can be fired twice before requiring a reload.

  • There seems to be a difference in reload speeds between reloading an empty magazine and reloading with one bullet remaining in the barrel.

  • The weapon has the potential to take down a half-shield enemy with a single bullet.

Outlaw Sniper Weapon: Price

As per leaks, Outlaw upon release will be priced at 2400 Creds, which makes it a slightly expensive purchase considering that it would most likely be used in early rounds or during force buys.

  • Expected Outlaw Price: 2400 Creds

  • Current Operator Price: 4700 Creds

  • Current Marshal Price: 950 Creds

The holistic use case of the weapon can only be speculated at this point in time and its true purpose will only be known once it is released.

As for the price, the difference between all three snipers is quite drastic. Outlaw may cost more than double of the Marshal and more half of an Operator, which makes it a tricky purchase in the game.

When Will Outlaw Sniper Weapon Release in Valorant?

The latest weapon, Outlaw is expected to release along with Episode 8 Act 1 which is slated to come out next year on 10th January 2024. As usual, it will come alongside a new battlepass and keep players busy figuring out the nitty-gritty of the weapon.

On the buy menu, it is expected to be placed between the existing sniper rifles. As for the overall gameplay and strategic use of the weapon, we will properly get to know about it only after players start using it in the game.

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