Valorant Flashback 2023: How To Get Your Yearly Recap, All Stats, More


Valorant Flashback 2023: How to Get Your Yearly Recap, All Stats, More

Did you play better or worse than last year?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valorant yearly recaps are back handing out stats and personal progress to all players.
Valorant Flashback 2023 has already been rolled out on 20th December so players should check their email inbox.
Here are the complete details for the Valorant Flashback 2023 including all stats and player progress.

Valorant Flashback 2023 is here to provide players with a detailed breakdown of their entire year's worth of gameplay. It is a gift by Riot Games for the holiday season with Christmas and New Year's just round the corner.

The feature allows Valorant players to look back at their year with the help of multiple in-game stats and even a personal progress page, which is unique to every user as it is compiled using information from their gameplay of the last 12 months.

Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Flashback 2023 including what information will the yearly recap comprise and how to get it if you have not already received one.

Valorant Flashback 2023: Complete Details

2023 has been a great year for Valorant across the casual and competitive side of things.

The franchised league made its debut and after an exciting regional circuit, some of the best teams from around the world congregated in Los Angeles for the Valorant Champions 2023 where Evil Geniuses was crowned as the champion.

Players also got their hands on the fast-paced team deathmatch game mode, three new agents in the form of Gekko, Deadlock, Iso, a new map based on Los Angeles called Sunset, and the official launch of Premier which will act as the grassroots of competitive Valorant going forward.

As a cherry on top, Valorant Flashback 2023 is here to provide players with their yearly recap and some interesting overall game stats.

How to Get Valorant Flashback 2023?

Riot Games rolled out Valorant Flashback 2023 for all players on 20th December, Wednesday through email.

So all players who had turned on the settings 'Communication from Riot Games' in their respective Riot accounts before 14th December, Thursday, should check their linked email inbox as it may contain your 2023 recap.

In case this particular setting is disabled by a user they will not receive their Valorant Flashback 2023. Unfortunately, there is no alternate way right now to get it manually.

This is why Riot Games always keeps this setting 'on' by default and users can always double-check it themselves. A public announcement was also made via social media giving all players a heads-up to turn this option 'on' before 14th December.

Valorant Flashback 2023

Here is how you can enable communication from Riot Games,

  1. Sign in to your Riot Games account.

  2. Then go to Account Management and click on Communication Preferences.

  3. Click the box beside Communication from Riot Games to enable this setting.

Note: If the setting is enabled then just wait around and you shall receive your Valorant Flashback 2023. Also, users can check their spam folder as well as the promotions tab, if using Gmail.

Valorant Flashback 2023: All Stats and Information

The yearly Valorant recap will consist of a lot of interesting details and here is everything that players can find in their roundup.

  1. Core Stats Page

    • K/D/A

    • Total Matches Won

    • Total Damage Dealt

    • Most Played Game Mode

  2. Agent Stats Page

    • Most Played Agent

    • Agent With Highest K/D/A

    • Agent With Most Wins

    • Most Played Role

    • Agent Who Killed You The Most

  3. Flex Stats Page

    • Number of Aces

    • Number of First Bloods

    • Number of Clutches

    • Number of First Deaths

  4. Map Stats Page

    • Map With Highest K/D/A

    • Map With Most Wins

  5. Frag Stats Page

    • Gun Kills

    • Ability Kills

    • Melee Kills

    • Melee Deaths

  6. Friend Stats Page

    • Player Played With The Most

    • Your K/D/A vs Your Friends

    • Your Win Rate vs Your Friends

    • Damage Dealt vs Your Friends

    • Headshot Accuracy vs Your Friends

  7. Personal Progress page

    • K/D/A: Current vs Last Year

    • Total Wins: Current vs Last Year

    • Damage Dealt: Current vs Last Year

    • Time Played: Current vs Last Year

Valorant Flashback 2023: Your Personal Progress

Apart from handing you a personal set of stats and other details, Riot Games will also provide some notes that highlight how you have faired against the rest of the Valorant playerbase, along with some tongue-in-cheek humor to pull your leg where you might have lacked.

For some players, Valorant Flashback 2023 might be something to show off and be proud of while for others it could be a wall of shame but they can always take some motivation from it to become better.

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