How to Claim All Valorant Community Challenges Rewards: Redeem Codes, Last Date

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How To Claim All Valorant Community Challenges Rewards: Redeem Codes, Last Date


As part of the Valorant Community Challenges, Riot Games has released all three rewards associated with the event.
The items that players can redeem using the redeem codes include playercards, gunbuddy, and spray.
Last date to claim all reward items for free is fast approaching so make sure to get them fast.

Valorant Community Challenges was a global event recently hosted within the game that brought the entire community together to complete certain common tasks.

The event ran for three weeks, from 27th November to 15th December, during which three unique challenges were handed over to the entire community every seven days. As a reward for completing each task, they were given a redemption code for items including a playercard, gunbuddy, and spray.

Here are the redemption codes for each reward, how players can claim these items, and the expiration date.

Valorant Community Challenges Rewards: Complete Details

The season of festivities and gifts is upon Valorant players as they have a huge opportunity to get some items for free, all thanks to their efforts of completing the Valorant Community Challenges within the designated time frame.

By completing the three challenges they were able to unlock the following rewards that all Valorant players can now redeem.

  1. Not a Peep Playercard | VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Playercard

  2. Seal of Approval Gunbuddy

  3. "Drop It" Wingman Spray

Redeem Codes for All Valorant Community Challenges Rewards

Every reward that was unlocked by completing the associated task can be obtained by all players through their respective redeem codes.

These were made public by the developers and shared across their social media accounts for all players to use and claim the items.

Here are all the redeem codes to unlock the Valorant Community Challenges rewards.

  • Not a Peep Playercard | VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Playercard


  • Seal of Approval Gunbuddy


  • "Drop It" Wingman Spray


All Valorant Community Challenges Rewards

How to Redeem All Valorant Community Challenges Rewards

The process to claim all the items being given away as rewards for the Valorant Community Challenges is pretty straightforward, it is not rocket science, but for all those new or unaware do follow the steps below.

  • First of all you need to head over to the Riot Games Redemption Website.

  • Here, you will come across a section labeled 'Enter Code'.

  • Make sure that you are logged in to your Valorant account. This can be verified by checking if your username is visible in the top right corner or not.

  • Once you are logged in enter the code of any reward that you want to redeem from those listed above.

  • It is done, the item associated with the reward code will now appear in your collection within the game.

Valorant Community Challenges: Reward Code Redemption Website

Do not enter all three redemption codes at once, instead use them one by one and redeem all the three items in your inventory. Another important thing that players need to keep in mind is that the last date of claiming these Valorant Community Challenges rewards is 31st December 2023.

So make sure that you get these rewards before the year comes to an end. It can be treated as a Christmas or New Year's gift from Valorant for which the community worked hard together.

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