Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards To End In 2024: Last Date, Remaining Items, More


Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards to End in 2024: Last Date, Remaining Items, More

No more items for the subscribers.

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Riot Games has revealed that Prime Gaming Rewards for all their titles will be coming to an end next year.
The official statement read that "Prime Gaming has decided not to renew our promotion".
Anna Donlon further said that Valorant will continue to find different opportunities to reward the players.

Valorant releases a lot of skins and items for community members to enjoy. After every patch or update, at least two new bundles are released for players to purchase. Apart from that there are plenty of other cosmetics which are distributed either directly in the game or through third-party channels like Twitch, Amazon Prime, and more.

Unfortunately, one of these options, Prime Gaming Rewards, will not exist from next year onwards, which means fewer sprays, player cards, gun buddies, and other decorative paraphernalia for Valorant players to collect.

Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards Ends in 2024: Complete Details

Prime Gaming Rewards might not be completely free but they are still loved by community members, especially those who are permanent or long-time subscribers of Amazon Prime.

Sadly it will all come to an end next year as the partnership between Riot Games and Prime Gaming will be coming to an end.

The announcement was made on 15th December by Riot Games with the official statement reading that Prime Gaming has decided to not renew their promotion with them.

When Will Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards End?

As per the official statement, Prime Gaming Rewards for all Riot Games titles will conclude in March 2024, including Valorant which is one of the biggest online competitive shooters in the world.

Until then, players will be able to redeem the current rewards and all upcoming Prime Gaming Rewards as and when they arrive on the platform.

Prime Gaming Rewards for Valorant usually stay around for about four to five weeks. Based on this information players can expect to receive three more items before this service is discontinued.

Anna Donlon - Senior Vice President and Studio Head of VALORANT at Riot Games, commenting on this situation, said that she is aware of how much players loved to collect items through this program which will now discontinue in 2024.

However, Valorant will continue to reward the players by finding different opportunities and giving back to the community for engaging with the game.

Valorant to Discontinue Prime Gaming Rewards

The current Valorant item on offer as a Prime Gaming Reward is Sip n' Spray which went live on 27th November and will be around till 27th December, making it the second last cosmetic on offer under this scheme for 2023.

On the official website, it is visible that three upcoming Valorant items are lined up for the next three months.

  • Valorant Prime Gaming Reward 1: Available in two weeks.

  • Valorant Prime Gaming Reward 2: Available in two months.

  • Valorant Prime Gaming Reward 3: Available in three months.

Upcoming Valorant Prime Gaming Reward Items

It will be interesting to see what reward system Valorant comes up with for the players to enjoy.

The only thing that players need to consider is whether it will be completely free which was not the case with Prime Gaming Rewards or will it require players to subscribe to some other third-party service.

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