Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More


Valorant Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

Time to collect some old skins!

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The next skin collection to be released in Valorant is going to be the Run It Back EP7 bundle.
This is the fifth edition of this bundle and it will consist of four weapon skins from former collections released earlier this year.
Similar to previous such bundles, Run It Back EP7 will be launched as part of the Premium category.

Valorant has this special collection called Run It Back where cosmetics from different skin lines released in a year are brought together under one bundle. This provides players with an opportunity to get their hands on something unique which is released about twice a year.

Run It Back EP7 is the next bundle to be released by Valorant. It is only the fifth edition of this particular collection and will be coming out seven months after the last such skin line was launched back in May 2023.

It will probably replace the Overdrive bundle which is currently available in the Valorant store for a limited time.

Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Complete Details

The latest bundle to arrive in Valorant is Overdrive which is a fantastic collection. While players are appreciating this and contemplating the heavy purchase, reputed data miner Valor Leaks has pointed towards the arrival of the Run It Back EP7 bundle.

This could be the second bundle to release after the current 7.12 patch which went live on 5th December 2023. It will be the fifth such bundle being released by Riot Games and the community is excited to see what it will have in store for all of them.

Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Skins

Despite this bundle not coming out with any new skins, it has become one of the most anticipated things in the game, as it allows players to purchase an assortment of skins from different collections.

According to leaks, here are all the skins that could be released along with the Run It Back EP 7 bundle.

  1. Black Market Classic

  2. Gaia's Vengenance Shorty

  3. Oni Vandal

  4. Magepunk Phantom

Valorant Run It Back EP 7 Bundle

The weapon skins will maintain their identities despite being a part of this collection and none of their features will be tinkered with. Players will still be able to upgrade all these skins using Radianite and unlock their respective color variants as well, if available.

Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Price

The last Run It Back collection was released about seven months ago in May 2023 and consisted of five skins including Origin Frenzy, Neptune Guardian, Reaver Phantom, Sovereign Marshal, and Cryostasis Operator.

This bundle was sold for 5950 Valorant Points and was part of the Premium Category. Even the previous skin lines that were part of this series were sold for a similar price.

It is expected that the Run It Back EP7 bundle would also be sold at the same price point or maybe even lower considering that it only has four skins to offer, unlike its counterparts.

Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Release Date

As the name suggests, the fifth Run It Back bundle will be released in the ongoing Episode 7 of Valorant. However, it is going to conclude soon with the last, Episode 7 Act 3, expected to come to an end on either 9th or 10th January 2024, as per the duration of the ongoing battle pass.

So players can expect Run It Back EP 7 to go live before that, most likely towards the end of this season, probably the last two weeks or so.

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