Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More


Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

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The latest skin collection to be released in Valorant is the Overdrive bundle.
This bundle consists of five weapon skins including a fantastic melee weapon and three other items.
The bundle is an Exclusive Edition collection and has been priced accordingly.

The latest skinline to arrive in Valorant is the Overdrive bundle which brings with it racing vibes that are electric, pun intended. It is a fantastic-looking collection with top-tier animations but these features result in a heavy price tag that not all players can afford.

This is the first bundle to be released after the current 7.12 patch went live a few days back on 5th December 2023. It is a fresh new take by Valorant artists and based on the majority of early responses this Exclusive Edition collection seems to be a hit.

It is currently available for a limited time in the Valorant store as a replacement for the previously active Chromedek bundle.

Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Complete Details

The Overdrive bundle consists of five skins in total which includes a stunning blade-style melee weapon along with three items, gunbuddy, playercard, and spray.

Apart from this, the collection is completely decked out with finisher animation, inspect animation, unique audio, different color variants, and everything else that comes as part of a top-tier skin line.

Here is everything you need to know about the Overdrive bundle, including details about skins, items, price, release date, and more.

Overdrive: Skins and Items

The collection consists of the following skins and items.

  1. Overdrive Stinger

  2. Overdrive Sheriff

  3. Overdrive Bucky

  4. Overdrive Vandal

  5. Overdrive Blade - Melee

  6. Overdrive Gunbuddy

  7. Overdrive Playercard

  8. Overdrive Spray

This is a rather unique collection that is inspired from racing vehicles, speed, and high-octane energy. The bundle codename during the production stage was 'MotorBike' which says a lot about its design patterns, audio effects, and animations.

It is a very loud skin in terms of all the effects and moving parts that it has on offer. This makes it appealing to the eye and worth its price tag for anyone who decides to purchase it.

The melee is a head-turner with its simple design choice which is enhanced by the electric charge that runs through it and the smooth blade work that characters can perform with it.

Overdrive: Price

The bundle is part of the Exclusive Edition Collection and has been priced the same as other similar skinlines at 8700 Valorant Points.

For those interested in purchasing the skins individually, it is possible to do so as well but it would be way more expensive in comparison to the whole collection.

  • Any Weapon Skin: 1275 VP

  • Melee Weapon: 2550 VP

  • Bundle: 5100 VP

Overdrive: Release Date

The last update for Valorant had two bundles as part of it and right after the current patch went live another collection called Overdrive was launched on 7th December.

This could be the last skinline that Valorant releases this year and even if it is the case no one might complain considering the quality that they have delivered with this bundle.

The entire collection is currently available within the game but it will not be around forever, so all those interested better make a purchase before it rolls out.

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