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Valorant Night Market Is Finally Live Following Bug Fixes (15th June Update)

Abhimannu Das
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The Valorant Night Market is finally live after being temporarily taken down by Riot Games due to a bug.
Players who already rolled for the skins will see the same selection of skins upon logging in.
The current Night Market will be available until 27th June.

Fans eagerly await Valorant’s Night Market to have a shot at getting their favorite skins but they were left disappointed with the temporary shop being taken down earlier this month. Players were facing issues with the Night Market after it went live on 31st May and Riot Games took it down to address some bugs. The feature is finally live again, and you can hop into the game and check out which skins are available on your account.

Why can’t I see the Valorant Night Market?

If you rolled for the skins in the Valorant Night Market before the shop was disabled, you should see the same skins when you log in. The Night Market will be available until the launch of Episode 7. So you have until 27th June to grab any skins that you like. 

In case you are unable to access the Valorant Night Market right now, it is because the fix is still rolling out and Riot Games revealed that the fix is being deployed for everyone throughout the day so it might take a while until you see which skins are available.

There is some Bad Luck Protection in place and you will get at least two Premium Edition (PE) skins to choose from if you don’t already have every single PE skin in the game. You will also not get more than two skins for the same weapon. 

To check out the skins you can obtain during the Night Market, there will be an indicator in Valorant’s main menu guiding you to the special store. The Night Market does not include recent skin releases so don’t hold your breath for any skin collections that were released in the past two months.

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