Valorant GeoGuessr (ValoGuessr): Complete Details


Valorant GeoGuessr (ValoGuessr): What is It, How to Play, More

Everything you need to know about this mix of Valorant and GeoGuessr.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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GeoGuessr, a popular browser-based geography game has inspired a Valorant player to make ValoGuessr.
ValoGuessr or Valorant GeoGuessr is quickly become a community favorite fun and interactive game.
Here is everything you need to know about ValoGuessr or Valorant GeoGuessr.

GeoGuessr is a browser-based geography game that has witnessed a rise in popularity over the past year or so. It was created by an IT professional, Anton Wallén, who hails from Sweden.

Due to the interest generated by this game, many other similar variants have been created. It even inspired a Valorant player who goes by the name of Kynooi to make ValoGuessr, which is simply a combination of GeoGuessr and Valorant.

This is also a browser-based title and has managed to attract a lot of interest from the Valorant community. Here is everything you need to know about ValoGuessr before heading to the website.

Valorant GeoGuessr (ValoGuessr) - Complete Details

What is Valorant GeoGuessr (ValoGuessr)?

To simply put, players will have to guess the location of a picture shown to them on the blueprint of a Valorant map provided, similar to how GeoGuessr works. The only difference is that instead of the photo being from someplace on Earth, it is of a random location from one of the eight Valorant maps.

There is no learning curve to Vaorant GeoGuessr and practically any player can start enjoying this fun, interactive game by simply visiting the official website, ValoGuessr.

ValoGuessr: Valorant GeoGuessr

How to Play Valorant GeoGuessr (ValoGuessr)?

There is surely no rocket science involved to play this game, but for all those that want a heads up about what they are getting into, here is a step-by-step breakdown of things Valorant GeoGuessr has to offer and how you can start enjoying this game.

  1. Visit the website, ValoGuessr.

  2. Click on the option 'Start Game'.

  3. You will be presented with a lot of options to setup your ValoGuessr game and depending on your personal preference selections can be made.

    • Difficulty: Easy > Mid > Hard > Impossible

    • Rounds: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 8 > 10 >12 > 15 > 20 > 25

    • Guess Map Along With Location: Yes / No

    • Guess Places From Outside Map: Yes / No

    • Pick Maps: Haven, Icebox, Split, Pearl, Fracture, Ascent, Bind, Breeze

  4. Once the selections have been made as per your preferences and choice, click on 'Start The Game'.

  5. Now, picture of a random location from the Valorant map selected by you will pop up on the screen.

  6. You will have to make your guess by selecting a location on the blueprint of the map provided.

  7. Based on the accuracy of your guess, points will be rewarded out of 5000 for every round.

  8. After the selected number of rounds are over a total score will be presented to you, reflecting your overall performance.

A thing to keep in mind is that not all maps are functional at the time of writing this article, Bind and Breeze, are permanently disabled but all other maps are available to play.

There are still a lot of bugs that are being fixed by the developer and new features that will be added to ValoGuessr overtime, but even now the game is very stable and works as intended.

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