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Valorant Episode 7 Announced With Progression Changes, Team Deathmatch and More

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Episode 7 is set to debut on 27th June.
Valorant patch 7.0 will introduce team deathmatch, progression changes, updated agent contracts, a new battle pass and more.

Riot Games officially announced the Episode 7 content update for Valorant which will drop later this month and it is one of the biggest updates the game has received to date. This episode introduces a new currency, Kingdom Credits, and features enhanced daily rewards, special events for unlocking agents, an accessories store, and much more. There is a lot to unwrap so here is a quick rundown of everything that has been officially announced for Valorant Episode 7.

What’s in the Valorant Episode 7 content update?

New Progression System

The new Dailies system will allow players to earn progress across all of the modes VALORANT offers with the exception of Deathmatch. You will not be forced to login to the game daily so when the new Dailies system drops in Valorant Episode 7, you can play whenever you want and rely on the game’s catchup mechanic to help you earn any rewards that you might miss. This is a great move as it removes the element of FOMO (fear of missing out) that is common in a lot of other live-service titles.

Team Deathmatch

The newest game mode that is being added to Valorant is Team Deathmatch, where you and your teammates go up against an enemy team in one of three new maps. There are four timed stages and no economy rounds. The respawn timer is just 1.5 seconds and the first team to get to 100 kills wins a match. The game mode will also feature three custom maps designed specifically for Team Deathmatch.

Agents and Gear

These are free event passes that automatically activate the day a new Agent releases and stay active for 28 days. Unlocking Agents takes about the same amount of time as it did before, but you earn Kingdom credits in the process too.

Valorant Episode 7

Kingdom credits is a new currency that allows you to unlock the associated Agent Contract rewards or you can unlock battle pass accessories from previous seasons. To help players get accustomed to the new system, Riot Games will offer all players 5,000 Kingdom credits when the update goes live.

In addition to all of the new content, players can also expect a brand-new battle pass with cool new cosmetics to unlock.

Valorant Episode 7 release date

The new Valorant Episode 7 update (patch 7.0) will release on 27th June. 

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