Valorant China Exclusive Melee Weapon - Kitana: Price, Variants, Gameplay, More

Three years late, but at least the drip is on point. ✨

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant China Exclusive Melee Weapon Kitana: Price, Variants, Gameplay, More</p></div>
Valorant China Exclusive Melee Weapon Kitana: Price, Variants, Gameplay, More


Valorant is releasing an exclusive melee weapon skin for China called Kitana or Fire Blade.
This melee weapon looks exquisite and is region-locked which has created quite an uproar across the global community.
Here is everything you need to know about Kitana including its rumored price, variants, how it looks, and a short gameplay.

Valorant is about to release in China and the region is getting special love and attention from the developers. Meanwhile, the global community is in an uproar, mainly due to the exclusive melee weapon called Kitana or Fire Blade which looks exquisite.

The first look of the weapon skin inspired by an oriental fan has been released by reputed leaker Valorant Updates, along with a short gameplay excerpt of how the weapon looks within the game.

Here is everything you need to know about the region-locked melee weapon skin Kitana which has left the global Valorant community in outright envy.

China Exclusive Valorant Melee Weapon Skin - Kitana / Fire Blade: Complete Details

Three years late to the game, China is getting some special treatment from Riot Games which is all set to release Valorant in the country on 12th July.

One thing that has the global community crying is the beautiful weapon skin Kitana, whose design looks similar to the Celestial weapon skin, both of them being weapons based on traditional oriental fans.

Valorant China Exclusive Melee Weapon: Kitana

The first look of Kitana has been revealed and the skin truly looks magnificent in both its variants, Kitana: Red Gold and Kitana: Violet, the former being a Level 1 - Upgrade for the base weapon and the latter being a Level 2 - Upgrade.

  • By default, the melee weapon starts as a normal knife with no animations or special effects.

  • After upgrading once, it turns into a weapon shaped like an oriental fan with a cool inspect animation and special effect which covers the weapon in flames.

  • There is another upgrade, that further transforms the color of the weapon to violet with purple-colored flames covering the weapon.

This particular melee weapon skin is region-locked and is exclusively available for Valorant players from China. As for its price, there has been no official information about this, but according to Kingdom Laboratories, a Portuguese page on Twitter, Kitana seems to be priced at only 100 VP (Valorant Points).

It is a tough pill to swallow for the global community and the price is most probably wrong because even the cheapest Valorant knife has historically been sold for well more than 1000 VP.

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