Valorant Champions 2022: Asian Teams Crumble at Groups, Only DRX Left Standing

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A total of six teams from different Asian regions participated in Valorant Champions 2022.
With five teams already eliminated at the Group stage, the region depends solely on the Korean squad DRX.

The Valorant Champions 2022 group stage is ending today on 8th September with Groups C and D playing their final decider series to determine the second seed. After today, only eight teams will move on and fight to get their hands on the coveted Valorant Champions 2022 trophy and title. Six teams have already punched in their tickets and after today’s series, the last two teams will join the others. However, things are not looking great for the teams from the Asian regions. With only DRX left in the running, the other teams will head back home and take stock of the situation.

The following are the Asian teams that participated in Valorant Champions 2022:

  • Singapore - Paper Rex (Valorant Champions Tour [VCT] Asia Pacific [APAC])

  • Thailand - XERXIA (VCT APAC)

  • Japan - ZETA Division (VCT Japan)

  • Korea -DRX (VCT Korea)

  • Indonesia - BOOM Esports (VCT APAC)

  • China - EDward Gaming (EDG) (VCT East Asia)

Three teams from APAC and one team each from Japan, Korea, and East Asia attended the tournament, and all teams, except DRX from Korea, got eliminated in groups.

APAC teams eliminated at Valorant Champions 2022

Paper Rex, Boom Esports and XERXIA at Valorant Champions 2022

In Group A, things were looking optimistic for the squad of Paper Rex (PRX) that won its opener against EDG with a 2-1 scoreline. However, it dropped the upper bracket series against Leviatán, and on 7th September, PRX faltered and lost to Team Liquid, thus ending its Valorant Champions 2022 journey. Notably, PRX rewrote VCT history at Master Copenhagen after being the first-ever APAC team to make it to an international LAN final.

BOOM Esports qualified for Valorant Champions 2022 through the APAC Last Chance Qualifier and was seeded into Group B. The team went 0-2 in groups after losing to both OpTic Gaming and ZETA Division.

XERXIA, the second APAC team to qualify for Valorant Champions 2022, also had a disappointing tournament in Istanbul. The team was pitted against the likes of XSET, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), and KRU Esports in Group C. Notably, XERXIA lost its opener against XSET with a 0-2 scoreline and subsequently got eliminated by the hands of KRU Esports.

ZETA Division fought for its Valorant Champions life

ZETA Division from Japan was seeded into Group B but did not make it to the playoffs after losing to LOUD Esports in the decider match on 7th September. The team had a shaky tournament. ZETA lost the opener against LOUD, won the elimination match against BOOM, but then lost to LOUD Esports again.

ZETA Division

EDG puts up a strong performance in first international LAN

Valorant Champions was the first-ever international event for China and its representative EDward Gaming (EDG). Fans finally witnessed the much-discussed aggression of the Chinese powerhouse that won the East Asian Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) and made it to Istanbul. Most teams at Valorant Champions 2022 stated that they were excited and looking forward to playing against EDG and the team was arguably dubbed the dark horse of the tournament.

China's Valorant team EDG is making its international debut at Valorant Champions 2022 after winning the East Asia Last Chance Qualifier

However, the team could not make it past the group stage. In fact, it was the first team to be eliminated from Group A. Despite getting booted early from the tournament, the team put up a strong performance and tested its opponents. Notably, the matchup between EDG and Paper Rex on 31st August became the most viewed opening match across all VCT events to date with over 760,000 peak concurrent viewers tuning in, according to data from Esports Charts.

With all five teams eliminated, the hopes and dreams of Asia at Valorant Champions 2022 solely rest on the Korean squad of DRX. The team will face Group C’s second seed in the playoffs upper bracket on 9th September.

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