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Valorant Agent 20: Easter Eggs Found on Range

The new agent is codenamed Bounty Hunter

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Upon entering the Range in Valorant, players can spot Cypher’s office on the left side.
An audio clip on Cypher’s laptop gives intel on how the mystery blackmailer was captured by the Istanbul Operation team.
The radiant woman, who looks like the next agent, is currently being detained in the basement near Brimstone’s office.

Riot Games dropped patch 4.07 for Valorant which brought forth various weapon changes and also introduced new Latin American servers. Riot has also improved the inactivity detection in Valorant in order to identify those going AFK (Away From Keyboard) and appropriate penalties will be imposed for those spoiling the experience for other players. But the most important update of all is not the gameplay but the addition to the lore that Riot Games has added with this new patch. The publisher has added very interesting elements to the Range in-game, making this new agent’s arrival very unique.

At the end of March, the abilities of Agent 20, the upcoming agent in the game, were leaked, and surprisingly, they aligned with what the developer team at Valorant mentioned in a blogpost.

Character Producer John Goscicki wrote, “This next Agent should give you a more…intimate feeling when hunting down enemies. Of course, there is our theme—but the thought of giving away too much frightens me so I’ll leave that out.

What’s happening in the Valorant universe?

For quite some time now the Valorant Protocol has been under attack by a blackmailer who is associated with an eye-like symbol. This new individual is believed by many to be the next new agent. According to the Valorant lore, the blackmailer has effectively halted all the plans to go to Earth 2 and a strike team was put together by Brimstone to secure this individual who is in Istanbul, Turkey.

The strike team involved in capturing the blackmailer

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Now, when you step into the Range, you will be able to enter a small room, which is Cypher’s office, located on the left side of the shooting practice room, and you can listen to the comms that took place during the “Istanbul Operation”, as the Valorant community calls it. You can also access the basement of the Range, where you can spot Brimstone’s office and a cell next door, which is where the blackmailer is locked up currently.

Cypher's office in the Range

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Decoding the audio message

Upon entering Cypher’s office, players should be able to see an interactive button near a laptop. An audio clip featuring the so-called Istanbul Operation team consisting of KAY/O, Cypher, Neon, Sova, Breach, and Chamber plays and it basically reveals the team narrowing down on the assailant in a warehouse in Istanbul.

The audio message begins with Cypher telling the rest of the crew that he is receiving some sort of a signal and he says, “Our blackmailer is headed East and into Sector 4.” Following this, Neon and Sova narrow down on the individual and Chamber confirms that he is on the rooftop with a sniper position. Immediately, Cypher says that “No internal feed. This little bird’s nest is off the grid.

KAY/O asks the team to establish visuals and wait for everyone and not to engage the target. Sova moves into the warehouse from the roof and notices empty offices on the western side. But he gets isolated from the team and the audio cues indicate that he could not hear the rest of the team. KAY/O then asks Cypher and Neon to find Sova in stealth.

Following this, eerie sounds can be heard and KAY/O points out that the vitals of Cypher and Neon are off the charts. At one point Neon says she cannot see and Cypher confirms that they are being trailed by something. Soon, Breach joins the two but he yells that he cannot move at a certain point.

Bullet shots and fighting sounds confirm that the team is fighting something ominous and then they manage to chase the target outside. KAY/O jumps out of the aircraft while activating his ultimate to stun the blackmailer, who happens to be a radiant woman.

When Sova says something feels off about the entire thing, Chamber says, “We didn’t find the target. She brought us here.” Soon after, KAY/O says that they will take her back to the basement for interrogation.

This new individual is indicated to be the new agent and more information in the basement backs this up.

A sign in the Range that points to Brimstone's office in the basement

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What happens in the basement?

When you go down to the basement, you will hear eerie voices and sounds, which are honestly quite frightening. Upon entering Brimstone’s office, the screen turns black and it renders the same effect as the “paranoia” debuff in Spike Rush. This is likely one of the abilities of Agent 20. Also, an email on Brimstone’s laptop confirms that the team captured a target who is “currently being detained.” There’s also an audio message from Phoenix that can be listened to by the players. Phoenix essentially asks Brimstone what is happening and that they are experiencing eerie things. He narrates instances of lights flickering and door handles turning cold.

Weird signs on the floor of Brimstone's office

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While inside the office, green and purple color objects also appear on the floor near the player’s feet, which could also be an ability of Agent 20. As of now, the cell where she is being detained is completely dark.

What makes fans feel that this assailant is the next agent is the fact that the ability leaks seem to match the experiences and occurrences narrated by the agents in the audio clip and the things we feel while in Brimstone’s office.

Fans should be able to get more intel on this individual very soon since Riot has been putting up physical advertisements for the new agent codenamed Bounty Hunter. Riot Games has also been tweeting out teasers that show certain agents being held captive and the same woman’s voice is in the background.

Fans are speculating that every member in the Istanbul Operation team will have a similar teaser rollout in the coming days, leading up to the new agent’s reveal.

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