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Riot Games Is Putting up Physical Advertisements for Valorant’s Next Agent

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's next agent is being teased using physical advertisements in Turkey with the message "very soon."
The agent is expected to release sometime around 26th April 2022 with Episode 4 Act III.
All abilities of the agent codenamed "Bounty Hunter" have already been leaked but there is no official confirmation yet.

Valorant fans in Turkey have spotted new posters that hint at Valorant’s next agent. The posters that are visible in various parts of Turkey look similar to the social media and in-game teasers that have been doing the rounds. Valorant community lore expert “Cynprel” shared that the posters contain the text “Çok Yakında” which translates to “very soon.”

The next Valorant agent is expected to release around 26th April

Physical advertisements are being put up by Riot Games and fans are trying to uncover the cryptic messages hidden within them. The teasers suggest that the next agent is capable of creating illusions and making others paranoid. It has been nearly four months since the agent was first leaked and we may finally be getting our hands on 2022’s second agent.

While Riot Games has not officially announced the agent just yet, Valorant leaker “ValorLeaks” shared the agent’s abilities on Twitter. The leaks have not been confirmed and the abilities can be subject to change. Until the publisher officially releases information about the upcoming agent, fans should take all leaked information with a grain of salt.

Here are the alleged abilities of the upcoming agent:

Prowler 300 credits (C)

  • Send out a creature that can follow trails or be controlled by moving your mouse. Upon reaching an enemy, they will be Nearsighted for three seconds. Only one Creature per Trail.

Seize 200 credits (Q)

  • Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air for a max of 1.5 seconds, and then slam to the ground. When the orb hits the ground Enemies within the radius will be tethered, and will take damage and be deafened.

Haunt (E)

  • Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air and then hit the ground. Then it will go back into the air and turn into an eye. If Enemies get seen by the eye they will be revealed and a trail debuff is applied.

Nightfall (Ultimate)

  • Send out a wave of dark mist. If the mist hits an enemy, they will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed.

With just two weeks to go until the agent is expected to release, fans will be excited to see how Riot Games shakes up the meta in Valorant Episode 4 Act III.

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