Tyler1 Plays Olaf ADC and Roasts Jhin One Trick IKeepItTaco

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 had some interesting takes about Jhin player and streamer IKeepItTaco.
As he won the game as an Olaf ADC, tyler1 roasted IKeepItTaco's Jhin ADC

Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp does not hold back when it comes to roasting League of Legends players on his stream. His streams are entertaining for a reason: tyler1, even while running it down in games, always has tense exchanges of words with his teammates and his enemies, and often ends up muting their pings and messages in-game.

In his recent stream, while he was playing on his COOKIEMONSTER123 account, he was up against streamer and official League of Legends partner IKeepItTaco, who was playing his infamous one-trick attack-damage champion (ADC) Jhin on his Jhindiana Jones account. Notably, tyler1 was playing Olaf in the bot lane with a Janna support against the Jhin and Blitzcrank.

Tyler1 vs IKeepItTaco

The clip shows tyler1’s team clearly winning against the enemy team by a big margin.

At the beginning of the clip, tyler1 is waiting to respawn and he pans over to see his team fighting the enemies on their base. He notices IKeepItTaco just walk away after one auto-attack, while the rest of his teammates died.

He said, “Wait, isn’t this Jhin IKeepItTaco, whoever the f***. Taco whoever. That literally explains why he played like he did. Dude, like I knew it. Dude, this guy has been f**** perma backline for like eight years. He literally only plays caster Jhin. Never right-clicked ever.

The Olaf vs Jhin matchup is very interesting since the Jhin can dominate the lane in the early stages of the game given his range as opposed to a melee Olaf. But, as the game progresses and Olaf builds items and gets stronger, the Jhin does not stand a chance against a juggernaut like him.

Clearly, tyler1’s team won by a landslide in 27 minutes, according to OP.GG. But funnily, IKeepItTaco was the Ace player for his team. He had also done more damage than tyler1’s Olaf and even had better kill participation.

At the time of writing, the COOKIEMONSTER123 account is Masters tier with 306 LP and the Jhindiana Jones account is ranked Diamond I and is currently in a promotion series to Masters.

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