Tyler1 on Current State of League of Legends: "This S*** Is Trash."

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Tyler1 expressed his dissatisfaction about the current state of League of Legends on a recent stream.
He ranted that League of Legends is a terrible game at the moment and opined that the developers have killed it.
He also added that everyone playing it is miserable because of the balance of the game.

It is only fair to say that League of Legends players have a love-hate relationship with the Riot Games' title. Over the many years, players have often voiced their dissatisfaction over the state of the game and the way it is balanced. One of the many influential figures in the community, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp, recently exploded on stream as he went on a big rant about the state of League of Legends.

He called the game a terrible one and noted that those who are playing it are miserable.

Tyler1 Lashes Out at League of Legends Developers

In a recent Twitch stream, Tyler1 went on one of his classic rants about League of Legends and the way it is balanced by the nerfs. After losing yet another game on stream, the League of Legends star did not mince his words about the state of the game, calling it terrible.

Tyler1 ranted, "To be honest, I can’t play this piece of s***. This is a terrible game. The devs have killed it, everyone is miserable playing it. People are miserable because the balance is so bad it tilts everybody."

He noted that he would probably play a game or two everyday on a Silver rank account just to post YouTube videos.

The streamer even went on to dismiss those saying that the upcoming Season 2024 would be interesting and fun. He said, "Well, people are saying 'Season 14, they are changing all the items, it will be better.' It’s going to be the same thing. There’s going to be broken s*** again. It's going to be the same exact thing again."

Following this, Tyler1 went on to call out the developers of the game. He added, "You [developers] have completely killed passion or any play-ability of this game for me. Congrats, guys! I know a lot of people who feel the same way."

While Tyler1 has clearly recorded his dissatisfaction with the game, we can be sure that he will come back to stream the game once again since he is "addicted."

Notably, in 2022, Riot Games sent tyler1 a set of five custom light-up medals bearing the Challenger crest for his achievement of hitting the Challenger tier in all five roles in League of Legends.

From getting perma-banned by Riot Games for being extremely toxic to reaching Challenger in all five roles, tyler1’s journey in League of Legends has been nothing short of iconic. Riot Games even changed its profile picture on Twitter to tyler1 playing Annie when the streamer hit Challenger on mid.

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