Tyler1 and Macaiyla welcome their new born daughter and Tyler1 touches 1800 elo in Chess


Tyler1 Hits Two Back-to-Back Major Milestones in 2024

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 and his partner Macaiyla welcomed their newborn daughter on 11th April and the couple announced this on 18th April.
A day after the announcement, Chess.com tweeted that Tyler1 hit 1800 ELO in Rapid, making him top 1% of chess players worldwide.

On 18th April, Twitch streamer and League of Legends personality Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp and his partner Macaiyla announced the birth of their baby daughter Saiyler Rue Steinkamp who was born on 11th April. A day later, on 19th April, Tyler1 hit another remarkable achievement and milestone. The streamer is currently ranked in the top 1% of chess players around the world with a ELO rating of 1800 on Chess.com.

Interestingly, Tyler1 took a break from League of Legends some time back to grind Chess and in that time, he has managed to achieve big milestones in life.

What a Break from League of Legends Did to Tyler1

If you are an avid League follower, you would know that Tyler1 spams League of Legends all the time. However, in 2023, the streamer dove into online chess where he played an average of 32 games in a day. Tyler1 was a part of PogChamps 5, an amateur chess tournament where he took part alongside other streamers and content creators including xQc and QTCinderella with an ELO of 199.

While he eventually lost PogChamps 5, Tyler1 continued his Chess grind and made significant improvements. He even won the Best Chess Streamer award this year at Streamer Awards 2024.

After just eight months, in March 2024, Tyler1 hit 1700 ELO on Chess.com, entering the top 1.5% of the world. Now again a month later, he has hit 1800 ELO, which puts him in the 99.16% percentile for Rapid according to the Chess.com leaderboard.

This achievement has once again received applause and recognition online from his fans and following, who have called him "built different."

Tyler1 is known for chasing records and breaking them. Even when he was playing League of Legends on stream regularly, he was setting up lofty goals, which somehow he always managed to hit.

As an attack-damage carry (ADC) main and a once-upon-a-time Draven one trick, tyler1 has made it to Challenger on his primary role of ADC multiple times. However, he wanted to reach the Challenger tier while playing the roles of top, jungle, mid, and support. He started with jungle, followed by top, mid-lane, and lastly support.

In 2022, Riot Games sent Tyler1 a set of five custom light-up medals bearing the Challenger crest for his achievement of hitting the Challenger tier in all five roles in League of Legends. Each ribbon displays the role it represents and the month in which tyler1 made it to Challenger whilst playing that role. It was in 2020 when tyler1 set out to reach Challenger by creating new accounts for every role to grind in ranked Solo Queue.

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