tyler1 exposed a boosted account named Chocovanille on the NA Solo Queue


Tyler1 Exposes a Boosted Masters Account in NA Solo Queue

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 exposed two win-trading players on the Masters tier during a game of NA Solo Queue.
Tyler1’s jungler R5 Jungle and the enemy team support Chocovanille were found queue sniping and win trading by the streamer.
Both the players were a part of an amateur League of Legends team and have been removed from the team following this issue.

Update: Team Ambition issues official statement about Anticipation and Chocovanille

Team Ambition issued a public statement about amateur jungler Vincent “Anticipation” Filosa and manager/coach Naomie “Chocovanille” Fontaine after Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp caught the duo win trading and boosting in the North American (NA) Solo Queue. In its statement, Team Ambition stated that it was not aware of the win trading but it knew that Anticipation earlier played on a smurf account with his partner Chocovanille. The team also said that in March, it issued a warning to Anticipation after it noticed signs of duo boosting. After a brief break, Anticipation returned to the team and Chocovanille was also brought on as the manager of the roster. They were reportedly issued a blanket warning regarding their prior behavior and when they were asked for the details of all the accounts they possessed, the account in question – R5 Jungle – was never listed.

Team Ambition further wrote, “We failed to properly vet the LoL accounts of Chocovanille and failed to monitor the accounts of our players. We at Team Ambition understand that this makes the amateur scene hard to take seriously, and accept full responsibility for this.”


It was yet another day of Solo Queue grinding for Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp on the North American (NA) League of Legends server where he ended up losing as many as six games. In one of the losses, Tyler1 realized that one of his teammates, the jungler, was win trading with another player on the enemy team and checked their League of Legends account history to confirm the suspicion.

Upon checking their OP.GGs, Tyler1 realized that the two of them were indeed queue sniping each other to end up on the same team and when they were on opposing teams, the jungler would intentionally feed and throw the game. One of the major reasons for players to boost accounts and queue snipe each other in the North American servers is because of the fact that they cannot duo queue with their friends after hitting the Masters tier.

What happened in the game?

Tyler1 was playing Malphite top in one of the games and had an Evelynn jungle with the in-game name (IGN) R5 Jungle in his team. The Evelynn started red buff first and got leashed by Tyler1 and pathed towards the bottom lane, which Tyler1 found very odd. Throughout the game, Evelynn died multiple times and when the team decided to forfeit the match, Evelynn declined the surrender vote, extending the duration of the game. When the entire team was standing AFK (away from keyboard) at the base, Tyler1 realized that Evelynn was win trading with the enemy team support Soraka who went with the IGN Chocovanille.

Tyler1 checks their match histories

After the match ended, Tyler1 hopped on OP.GG to check the profiles of Chocovanille and R5 Jungle. He noticed that over the course of more than a month, R5 Jungle had been boosting Chocovanille since they were both on the same team and whenever they were on opposite teams, R5 Jungle would lose the match intentionally. Chocovanille has been majorly playing enchanter supports but has also played Olaf jungle, a champion that R5 Jungle mains. The community also pointed out that while playing the support role, Chocovanille placed Flash on the F key but as a jungler, the Flash was on the D key.

It turns out that Chocovanille is an assistant coach for a League of Legends team called Team Ambition and R5 Jungler is reportedly her boyfriend Anticipation, who also happens to play for the same team.

Notably, when Chocovanille hit Masters, she took to Twitter to proudly announce that she made it to the rank all by herself after months of grinding. Both Chocovanille and Anticipation have deleted their Twitter accounts after they were blatantly exposed. On top of this, Chocovanille has also changed her IGN to ðºðº.

Following this, the amateur team also took action against the duo and removed them from their respective positions in the team. Team Ambition’s Head Coach, General Manager, and Head of Development wrote on Twitter, “I don’t have access to the org Twitter but as head of the PG Staff at @TeamAmbitionOrg; the two people have been removed from their positions effective immediately. We do not support what they did, as we value competitive integrity within the org.”

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