League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook is reportedly coming back with LoL Patch 12.13 or LoL Patch 12.14 according to leaks


League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook: Expected Dates, How To Play, & More

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Ultimate Spellbook is a featured game mode in League of Legends that allows players to choose a random ultimate other than their champion’s to use in the game.
According to leaks, the game mode is likely to be back on the servers alongside LoL Patch 12.13 or LoL Patch 12.14.

Ultimate Spellbook is a featured game mode in League of Legends which is played on the Summoner's Rift map. The game mode allows players to choose random ultimate spells to replace one of their summoner spells. Players can choose one of three or four random ultimates out of a pool to start with, and it will permanently take the place of one of the summoner spells. Ultimate Spellbook gives players the chance to combine the ability kits of two champions and switch things up in the game. Notably, with the Star Guardian event around the corner, data miners have predicted the return of this fun game mode.

How does Ultimate Spellbook mode work?

The queue is a blind pick and allows players to choose between all their favorite League of Legends champions. However, a player gets only one Summoner Spell and the other slot is replaced by Ultimate Placeholder.

  • Once you load into the game, you will have 30 seconds to pick one of the three or four ultimates that are randomly chosen from a pool.

  • The ultimate that you choose can be found in the place of the Ultimate Placeholder for the rest of the game and it cannot be changed. You can use your Ult-ernate Summoner Spell after its initial 135-second cooldown, even before hitting level 6.

  • You can see everyone’s chosen ultimate spell on both the scoreboard and next to their health bars.

  • Ultimate Spellbook is very similar to One for All and players start at level 3 and have more starting gold. The game mode also has increased passive XP and gold and players share some minion gold with teammates in the lane.

  • Unsealed Spellbook Unsealed Spellbook is disabled in this mode.

Players can choose one Ultimate from a choice of four at the start of a game of Ultimate Spellbook

Ultimate Spellbook in League of Legends: Expected Release Date

On 24th June, Lead Game Designer of Modes Reina Sweets said, “Ultimate Spellbook is now enabled on the PBE. There's a few new additions and improvements for this release. Two you'll see immediately: It's now a pick 1 of 4 and there's also some ults with a passive bonus.

The Ultimate Spellbook game mode is now on the Public Beta Environment testing for LoL Patch 12.13. The data miners also leaked that the next rotation of this game mode will likely have 18 new ultimates added to the pool. According to the leaks, Ultimate Spellbook is expected to arrive in the official patch of 12.13 or 12.14, aligning with the Star Guardian event. This means that players can expect the game mode to be on the live servers on 13th July or 27th July.

Surrenderat20 released a list of ultimates that are reportedly joining the pool in the Ultimate Spellbook mode. They are as follows:

  • Corki R - Missile Barrage

  • Annie R - Summon: Tibbers

  • Gangplank R - Cannon Barrage

  • Garen R - Demacian Justice

  • Gnar R - Gnar!

  • Kai’Sa R - Killer Instinct

  • Neeko R - Pop Blossom

  • Quinn R - Behind Enemy Lines

  • Rakan R - The Quickness

  • Sylas R - Hijack

  • Senna R - Dawning Shadow

  • Renata Glasc R - Hostile Takeover

  • Syndra R - Unleashed Power

  • Taliyah R - Weaver’s Wall

  • Tristana R - Buster Shot

  • Varus R - Chain of Corruption

  • Vel’Koz R - Life Form Disintegration Ray

  • Xayah R - Featherstorm

The League of Legends community was extremely enthralled with the Ultimate Spellbook game mode in the past since it offers players the opportunity to make unique plays and combine new combos in the game which are otherwise impossible. Having been out of the rotation for quite some time, it will be interesting to see how players react when the game mode is back on the servers again.

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