Tristan Tate Says Esports Cannot be Called Sports, xQc Claps Back

Wants the term e-sports banned!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tristan Tate Says Esports Cannot be Called Sports


The Tate brothers are two of the most controversial people on the internet currently.
Recently, Tristan Tate took to Twitter to state that esports should not be equated with sports and called for a ban on the term 'e-sports'
Streaming sensation xQc commented on Tate's tweet and went viral.

The Tate brothers — Andrew and Tristan Tate — are two of the most controversial people on the internet. They are controversial social media influencers, often accused of anti-women views. Both of them reportedly face charges in the United Kingdom including "sexual aggression" dating to 2012-2015, according to their PR representative.

On 21st April, Tristan Tate took to Twitter to record that esports cannot be called real sports while quote-tweeting a video. He even called for the term 'e-sports' to be banned, following which Felix "xQc" Lengyel clapped back at him.

xQc's Clever Reply To Tristan Tate's Take on "E-Sports"

On 21st April, Tristan Tate quote-tweeted a video from 'No Context Memes' where two teams of gamers are engaged in a screaming match after their game ended. The video is seemingly shot at a gaming cafe called "Contender Esports" and is likely hosting a small LAN event.

Tate wrote, "E-Sports cannot be called "sports" at all if this is what the "athletes" look like. Everybody in this video is a loser. Everybody. Take away their devices and have them do ANYTHING in real life and they would all score below average at everything. Ban the term E-Sports."

Commenting on this, xQc replied, "Hate to be that guy but I’m pretty sure the term E-sports is already banned. It’s actually spelled 'Esports'," pointing out that the term e-sports is outdated and is not commonly used anymore.

Another interesting interaction that caught the attention of many under this tweet was from former G2 Esports CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez. He said, "i guarantee you this is not how professional players behave or smell. these are low level losers from below-mediocre regional leagues competing in below-mediocre video games. my players have all 15 girlfriends each. but only my players. every other team is full of virgins."

While this comment made everyone wonder whether it was satirical or if ocelote actually meant it, Tate's reply to him took it up another notch. Tate replied to ocelote, "Levels to the game. That’s why I specifically said the men in the video, I know there are some chads in gaming."

In 2022, a clip of Carlos Rodriguez partying with Andrew Tate went viral on social media and created a domino effect with many in the community criticizing Carlos. However, he doubled down on his stance and said others will not police his friendships. G2 Esports officially announced the stepping down of Carlos Rodríguez as the CEO of the company on 24th September 2022. 

Following this, Riot Games announced that Carlos Rodriguez has been barred from all League of Legends competitions including the League of Legends EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] Championship (LEC) for engaging in activity detrimental to the best interest of the League and Riot Games.

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