Carlos Rodriguez shared an edited, out-of-context clip of HasanAbi talking about Andrew Tate.


Former G2 CEO Carlos Clips HasanAbi Out of Context to Rally Support for Andrew Tate

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Carlos Rodriguez shared an edited, out-of-context clip of HasanAbi talking about Andrew Tate.
While he made it seem like Hasan was in support of Tate, people were quick to call him out for his attempt.

One of the apparent issues with streaming is that people can take things that streamers say without context and clip nonsensical portions of the VOD [video on demand].  Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker found himself at the center of discussion after former G2 Esports CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez shared an “out of context” clip of HasanAbi talking about controversial figure Andrew Tate. Carlos shared the clip on his Twitter making it seem like HasanAbi was in support of Andrew Tate. However, HasanAbi was quick to shut him down by posting the full video, making it clear that he was being sarcastic.

Which clip of HasanAbi did Carlos share?

On 21st February, Carlos shared a clip of HasanAbi saying, “I think it is a human rights violation, what they are doing to Andrew Tate. I’ll come out and say it.” He tweeted that what HasanAbi said was fair and honorable and stated that it honors HasanAbi to state the truth even if it alienates his audience. Carlos added that he was genuinely surprised by the political commentator’s take on Tate.

Twitter users were swift to point out that HasanAbi was being sarcastic and that he was actually mocking Tate. One user commented, “Yo he's mocking him. Deservedly so. But good attempt clipping out of context. He said Tate is disabled because he's balding and they won't let him shave his head. Clearly a joke.”

Following this, Carlos replied that he did not clip it and that he was just linking an “already existing video on Twitter.

HasanAbi soon responded to Carlos’ tweet giving more context to the seven-second clip that was shared by the former G2 Esports boss.

In the full clip, HasanAbi said, “I think it is a human rights violation, what they’re doing to Andrew Tate. I’ll come out and say it. All things considered, the fact that they won’t let him shave his f***** head, I mean, dude, come on. I’m a disability advocate, as you guys know. I’m a disability activist, as you guys know, and one of the things that I obviously consider a disability is the follicly challenged community.

HasanAbi was looking at photos of Andrew Tate and called him “follicly-challenged,” poking fun at his balding. The streamer stated that it was “vile” that they would not let him shave his head while under detention. The sarcastic joke was a dig at Andrew Tate who claims that he is bald by choice.

A clip of Carlos Rodriguez partying with Andrew Tate went viral on social media and created a domino effect with many in the community criticizing Carlos. However, he doubled down on his stance and said others will not police his friendships. G2 Esports officially announced the stepping down of Carlos Rodríguez as the CEO of the company on 24th September 2022. 

Following this, Riot Games announced that Carlos Rodriguez has been barred from all League of Legends competitions including the League of Legends EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] Championship (LEC) for engaging in activity detrimental to the best interest of the League and Riot Games.

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