This Tahm Kench Exploit is Ruining League of Legends Games

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>A Tahm Kench exploit is making League of Legends completely unplayable currently.</p></div>

A Tahm Kench exploit is making League of Legends completely unplayable currently.


A Tahm Kench exploit is making League of Legends completely unplayable currently.
A lot of players, pros, and League of Legends personalities have reported the bug to Riot Games to have the champion disabled until the exploit is fixed.

League of Legends is no stranger when it comes to bugs and in-game exploits. Every now and then, players spot new bugs, forcing Riot Games to take action immediately. In the last few days, the community, including big personalities, have been asking Riot Games to take a closer look at Tahm Kench and an exploit that lets him roam the map freely. Thanks to this exploit, players have been ruining ranked games and making the games unfair. 

Here’s all you need to know about this Tahm Kench exploit in League of Legends.

What is the Tahm Kench bug in League of Legends?

League of Legends players have found a game-changing exploit with Tahm Kench who had two of his abilities swapped a few years ago. Players have been reporting how Tahm Kench is now able to use his W - Abyssal Voyage to move between the top and bottom lanes, which is not a normal interaction in the game.  

Riot Games has yet to address this bug and once it does, Tahm Kench may likely be unavailable for play for the next few days until the issue is sorted out. 

As usual, bug-spotter and YouTuber Vandiril posted a video compiling all the instances of this Tahm Kench bug. In his video titled “Tahm Kench is completely OUT OF CONTROL…”, Vandiril showed multiple clips of players abusing this bug to win games and even intentionally feeding in the games.

On 19th April, SK Gaming’s support player Mads "Doss" Schwartz tweeted, “My Tahm Kench is teleporting around the whole map with W, and has these items at min 20, IN RANKED.

For the last week, multiple players, including pros and streamers, reached out to Riot Support to report this Tahm Kench abuse, pointing out that his W is global and lets the champion swim all the way across the map. 

Twitch streamer and support main ioki wrote, “For those that don't know, there are MULTIPLE game-breaking cheats involving Tahm Kench, Redemption, and Watchful Wardstone that make the game literally unplayable. People are abusing this nonstop 60 games in a row and Riot hasn't even bothered to disable Tahm Kench. Truly disgraceful.

While it is not clear how this bug is caused, it looks like an interaction caused when players click on any part of the map after casting their W spell for their choice of destination. Once a part of the map, no matter the distance is clicked, it appears to take the champion to the location. Notably, after Tahm hits level 6, he can bring an ally to any part of the map using his ultimate, making it completely unfair and oppressive for the opponent to play.

Aside from this exploit, players have also been complaining about an infinite gold exploit that Vigilant Wardstone triggers. Additionally, there also seems to be some bug with the usage of active items like Redemption in the game.

League of Legends caster Marc “Caedrel” Lamont also reached out to Riot Games on Twitter. He wrote, “YOO @riotgames DISABLE TAHM KENCHHHHHH. INFINITE GOLD HACK AND TELEPORTING AROUND THE MAP BUG ABUSE. PEOPLE HAVE 60 GAMES ALREADY SPAM ABUSUNGGGGG.

Notably, this Tahm Kench bug in particular does not happen every time. The reason why it happens is unclear and AFK Gaming was unable to replicate it in custom games or the practice tool in League of Legends.

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