TheDoctorr Returns to Join Orangutan's Valorant Roster as Head Coach

A busy back and forth journey.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>TheDoctorr Joins Orangutan Valorant Roster Again</p></div>
TheDoctorr Joins Orangutan Valorant Roster Again


Orangutan has signed theDoctorr as the head coach of its Valorant lineup.
This marks the return of theDoctorr to Orangutan just four months after having left the organization to compete as a player in the Southeast Asian region.
TheDoctorr is ready to give his absolute best in order for the team to perform well at the upcoming VCL 2023: South Asia.

Indian esports organizations are scrambling to complete their Valorant rosters with the Valorant Challengers League 2023: South Asia close at hand. Orangutan is the latest to make a move by signing back its former member, Mathanraj "theDoctorr" Munisparan, who was released by Enigma Gaming late last month after having spent less than a month with the organization.

This move marks the return of theDoctorr back to Orangutan as their Head Coach after more than four months, having parted ways with the team in October 2022 and now coming back to lead its new Valorant lineup through the all important VCL South Asia.

"My objective has always been the same. To be at the top and win ascension this year!," said theDoctorr in a statement to AFK Gaming.

Orangutan signs theDoctorr as the Head Coach of its Valorant team

Malaysian Valorant player turned coach, theDoctorr, started his career by competing in Southeast Asia with teams like Todak, Kingsmen, and Action PH from September 2020 to July 2022.

Last year in July, he switched his role to that of a coach while joining Orangutan for the first time and started training its former Valorant roster. However, the gig did not last long and came to an end just short of four months in October 2022.

After staying without an organization for around three months, theDoctorr, was signed by Enigma Gaming as part of its Southeast Asian roster consisting of players from Malaysia and Singapore. Unfortunately, even this part of his journey was abruptly cut short and he was let go from the team within a month of having joined the organization.

Now, the 27-year-old has once again been picked up by Orangutan, once again making the switch from player to coach. He is all set to help the new Valorant lineup assembled by the organization earlier this year through the upcoming VCL 2023: South Asia.

In an exclusive statement, theDoctorr talks about what drives him forward and a promise to give his absolute best, "To be supported and backed by the community has always been my biggest drive to move forward. I will bring everything I have onto the table for the boys in Orangutan and I hope to get everyone's full support in our journey to winning Ascension!"

TheDoctorr returns to join Orangutan's Valorant roster as Head Coach

The official announcement for the VCL 2023: South Asia is patiently awaited by the entire Indian gaming community. It will be interesting to see how good of a performance is Orangutan able to deliver with a fresh new roster and an old reliable coach.

Orangutan's complete Valorant roster for the season is as follows,

  1. Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose - IGL

  2. Akram "Rawfiul" Virani

  3. Rishi "RvK" Vijayakumar

  4. Jm "Tesseract" Ignacio

  5. Azis "azys" Nandang

  6. Mathanraj "theDoctorr" Munisparan

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