Orangutan Gaming Plans To Sign a Dota 2 Roster

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Orangutan Gaming Plans To Sign a Dota 2 Roster


In a recent livestream, Orangutan Gaming’s Head of Esports, Vinay “Hades” Rao, revealed that the organization plans to sign a Dota 2 roster in the future.
Hades stated that the organization would either sign a roster that has qualified for The International 11 or sign after The International 11.

Vinay “Hades” Rao, the Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming, recently revealed that the organization has planned to sign a Dota 2 roster in future. Hades stated that the organization would either sign a roster that has qualified for The International (TI) or sign a team after The International World Championships concludes when teams disband. Hades also revealed the reason behind the delay in signing a roster. He added that once the organization secures dedicated funds for Dota 2, it will progress faster in the title.

Orangutan Gaming to sign a Dota 2 roster after at least six months

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Hades if Orangutan Gaming had planned to sign a Dota 2 roster. Responding to this, Hades stated that the best time to form a lineup of Dota 2 is December, January, or February, i.e., after The International (TI) - the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit. He added that Orangutan Gaming has no plans to form a lineup but intends to do so after the next six months. “For Dota 2, I think the best time to pick up a lineup is after the TI, like January, February, or December. However, for now, we are not picking any lineups. We will pick after the next six months,” he said.

Hades outlined two options for Orangutan Gaming to form a lineup. The first is to pick a team three months before The International from among those that qualify for the tournament. The second option is to sign a team after the tournament, as many teams disband and players part ways, providing a good opportunity to build a lineup. “There would be two ways in which Orangutan Gaming could pick up a lineup. It will be either three months before TI - we will pick one of the teams that qualify for the tournament, or we might pick a team right after the TI - because after the tournament, a lot of teams disband and a lot of players part ways, in that time frame, we can sign a team,” he said.

Hades explained that the delay in the organization’s progress is due to a shortage of liquid funds, which are different from the normal funds it has. To achieve faster progression in Dota 2, the organization needs to secure more funds dedicated solely to the game. “The main reason for this (delay) is we need a lot of funds, and we also need liquid funds. We have funds, but liquid funds and normal funds are different. Once we have all the funds only for Dota 2, then we can do faster progression,” he said. “That’s why a few of the operations are on hold, and everything is going slowly,” he added.

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