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The Esports Club, 8Bit Thug and Loco Announce Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational

Abhimannu Das
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The Thug Invitational - Apex Legends Mobile event will take place from 26th to 28th August.
16 content creators have been invited to be a part of the event, which will be streamed on Loco.
The upcoming TEC event will feature a prize pool of INR 2,50,000.

The biggest Apex Legends mobile content creators in India are set to compete in the Thug Invitational which kicks off on 26th August. The action-packed event will feature popular streamers who will compete for a prize pool of INR 2.5 Lakhs ($3,100 USD). The event will be streamed on The Esports Club (TEC) channel on Loco, which is the official broadcast partner for the tournament.

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational Overview

Following the ban of multiple mobile esports titles in India, a lot of players are moving to Apex Legends Mobile. For the mobile game Respawn Entertainment improved upon a lot of features that make Apex Legends great and has also added a number of game modes and exclusive legends that players can enjoy. The Thug Invitational events have been very successful in the past with the Season 5 event securing over 47,000 peak viewers and over 231,000 hours watched.

Apex Legends Mobile is still in its early stages and The Esports Club, 8Bit, and Loco are working together to establish the game’s presence in India as an esports title. Following the success of Apex Legends as a competitive esport, Apex Legends Mobile might follow in the PC and console version’s footsteps and become a major player in the esports scene, and may even join the ranks of other popular titles like Wild Rift, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Recently, The Esports Club hosted its Invitational scrims from 18th to 21st August and the Thug Invitational will be its second event. Featuring a prize pool of INR 2,50,000, it is the biggest Apex Legends Mobile esports event in India so far.

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational Participants

Here are all of the participants in the upcoming event:

  • Naman “Mortal” Mathur

  • Payal Dhare

  • Siddhant “Sid” Joshi

  • Kaashvi Hiranandani

  • Salman “Mamba” Ahmed

  • Parv "ReGaLToS" Singh

  • Aman Jain

  • Yash “Viper” Soni

  • Krutika Ojha

  • Ankkita Chauhan

  • Mrinmoy “Mercy” Lahkar

  • Daksh "Mafia" Garg

  • Devdeep "Zeref" Dhar

  • Kamal “Akshu” Kumar

  • Monika “Sherlock” Jeph

  • Mithul “Binks” Nayak

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational Schedule

The upcoming event is being hosted in partnership with Loco. Fans can tune into the event exclusively on Loco from 26th to 28th August. Viewers should follow the official Esports Club channel on Loco to catch the streams when they go live. The matches will take place from 6 PM to 9 PM IST.

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational: Where to Watch

Fans can tune into the event on the official The Esports Club-Select channel at: https://loco.gg/streamers/TheEsportsClub-Select

Update: The Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational has concluded after three days of intense action. This was one of the first legitimate competitive tournaments for Apex Legends Mobile in India featuring a sizable prize pool of INR 2,50,000 with 16 of the best streamers from across the country.

After 15 action packed matches, it was Team Viper that came out on top as the eventual champions with 155 points to its name, 62 placement points and 93 kill points, along with two victories.

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