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Apex Legends Update Finally Addresses Arena Upgrade Bugs

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While a lot of bugs have been resolved, the level-up progression bug is preventing players from receiving their Apex Packs.
Vantage should now be able to use Knockdown Shields if she gets downed during her tactical jump.
Arenas' weapon upgrade bug has also been resolved and players are able to level up their weapons using materials.

In Season 13 there was a bug in Apex Legends’ Arenas mode which prevented players from upgrading their weapons. It would affect entire teams at the same time and make it difficult to get higher-quality weapons even if you had the resources for it. Respawn Entertainment attempted to fix it but it led to another bug where players would get kicked out of the buy menu. It led to a lot of frustration but Respawn has resolved the issues finally.

Apex Legends 22nd August Patch Notes

In addition to the fixes to Arenas, a number of other bizarre bugs have also been addressed. Rampart’s Wastelander skin and Seer’s Heartthrob skin would crash the game when picking up respawn banners. This is not the first time that certain skins have caused game-breaking issues. Last season, a Wraith skin caused bullets to not register on the legend at times, making it one of the most frustrating bugs we have ever seen.

The game’s newest legend Vantage also got some fixes in the new update. Prior to the patch, Vantage’s range indicator would sometimes disappear. Vantage has a passive that allows her to see where her shots will land when using certain scopes. But after being respawned, Vantage players would lose that ability. The issue has now been resolved.

Another Vantage bug prevented her from using Knockdown Shields if she got downed while using her tactical ability. Following the update, she is now able to use Knockdown Shields even if she gets downed mid-jump using her tactical ability.

Despite a number of fixes being introduced, players are still unable to receive appropriate rewards for leveling up their account. Respawn is aware of the issue and affected players will be receiving their earned rewards soon.

If you do not see your level up rewards being credited to your account as you gain more levels, all you need to do is wait until Respawn pushes out a fix for the bug. If you don’t get your Apex Packs even after a fix is deployed in the future, you should contact EA Help for more assistance.

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