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TFT Vegas Open: Format, Schedule, Prize Pool & Other Details

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Riot Games is headed to Las Vegas to host the first global LAN tournament for Teamfight Tactics (TFT): TFT Vegas Open.
Here's all you need to know about the event, format, prizes, and how to attend!

In May 2023, Riot Games acknowledged how Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has been embraced by a passionate fan base. It noted that the esports landscape of the game stands apart as an individual performance-based game that grants players the freedom to experiment with various compositions.

After recognizing the incredible potential of competitive TFT, Global Head of TFT Michael Sherman announced Riot Games' first-ever global LAN event for TFT in Las Vegas titled "TFT Vegas Open."

The TFT Vegas Open is scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas and will bring together 512 players from around the world to compete for prizes. Notably, the best player will take take home $100K USD, a special trophy, and the first TFT Vegas Open title!

Here's all you need to know about TFT Vegas Open.

TFT Vegas Open: Event Information, Dates & Prize Pool

TFT Vegas Open will happen at the MGM Conference Center between 8th and 10th December. It will have multiple events throughout the weekend: the Main Event, the Second Chance Tournament, and other side events.

The Main Event is the tournament everyone will be registered into and a total of 512 competitors will enter on Day 1 and only one player will win it all on Day 3.

In case players get knocked out from the round of 512, they will have the ability to register for a second chance tournament, which will be a first come, first serve event for 128 players. The winner of the second chance tournament will receive a trophy, but there is no cash prize.

Those who are knocked out of the Main Event can also participate in side events which are organized for fun and these are also open to spectators. These events have cash prizes.

A prize pool of a staggering $300K USD awaits the 512 players who enter the Main Event. The champion of the tournament will walk away with $100,000 USD and a special TFT Vegas Open Trophy. The 128 players who make it to Day 2 will earn a piece of the prize pool. The full prize pool breakdown is as follows:

TFT Vegas Open Prize pool

Riot Games

Notably, Riot Games will also be distributing exclusive in-game emotes to all players based on their placement in the Main Event.

TFT Vegas Open: Main Event Format


Riot Games noted that the initial seeding for players will be based on an average of their Set 9 & 9.5 ranking. After Round 1, players will be seeded via snake draft based upon the points they earn throughout the tournament.

Point System

Throughout the tournament, points will be awarded to each player based on the results of each game. They will be distributed as follows:

  • First place: 8 points

  • Second place: 7 points

  • Third place: 6 points

  • Fourth place: 5 points

  • Fifth place: 4 points

  • Sixth place: 3 points

  • Seventh place: 2 points

  • Eighth place: 1 point

Schedule for TFT Vegas Open Main Event

8th December: Day 1

  • Round 1: 512 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 where they shall play three games each. The top four players from each Lobby will advance to Round 2.

  • Round 2: 256 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 and play three games each. The top four from each Lobby will advance to Round 3.

9th December: Day 2

  • Round 3: 128 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 and play four games each. From here, the top two players from each Lobby will advance to Round 4.

  • Round 4: 32 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 and play four games each. The top two players from each Lobby will advance to the Finals.

10th December: Day 3

  • Finals: The top eight players will play in a checkmate format. The first player to earn 20 points, and then get 1st place in a game will be crowned the TFT Vegas Open Champion

You can read more information about registration for the event as well as Spectator passes on the official Riot Games website.

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