Termi Reveals What Gave DRX an Edge Over ZETA in VCT Pacific League Opener

Chants in support of the home team were pretty loud.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Termi Reveals What Gave DRX An Edge Over ZETA DIVISION</p></div>
Termi Reveals What Gave DRX An Edge Over ZETA DIVISION


DRX won the opening match of the VCT 2023 Pacific League against ZETA DIVISION quite comfortably.
During the scrum interview following this match, termi spoke about the reason that resulted in them gaining an edge over ZETA.
DRX will be next seen in action against Global Esports while ZETA DIVISION will be taking on RRQ.

DRX is one of the top Valorant teams from the Asia Pacific region and is a giant that every team wants to defeat, but it is going to be a herculean task to pull it off successfully.

The Korean esports organization was the best-performing team from the Asia Pacific (APAC) during the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo and has kicked off VCT 2023: Pacific League with a clean win against ZETA DIVISION.

During the scrum interview held on 25th March, Pyeon "termi" Seon-ho - Head Coach for DRX, shared the reason behind the team's victory against their Japanese counterpart in the very first match of the tournament.

Termi reveals what was the difference maker during DRX vs ZETA in VCT Pacific League

DRX is the frontrunner for winning the VCT 2023 Pacific League, through which it will be automatically qualifying for both the Tokyo Masters and Valorant Champions. The team already has a solid roster that has stuck together for more than a year, showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

While addressing the media during the recent scrum interview session termi pointed out the possible reason which gave them an upper hand against ZETA.

"I personally believe that we have the home-ground advantage. We have played here multiple times before but in contrast, this is like the first time that Zeta has ever been in this environment. So I think they were a little bit more nervous than us," explains termi, following consecutive 13-5 wins on Ascent and Pearl.

Similar sentiments were shared by Kim "stax" Gu-taek, captain of DRX, who believes that ZETA did not give their 100% during the face-off due to jitters of performing for the first time on the stage.

However, a thing to note here is that even DRX was not playing with its regular playing five with Jung "Foxy9" Jae-sung stepping in for Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul for the entire series.

DRX will be next seen in action against Global Esports on 3rd April where as ZETA DIVISION will be taking on Team RRQ in its next encounter on 1st April.

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