For7 player SangJoon encounters a glitch and gets teleported into the ring in Apex Legends ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022


Team For7 Encounters a Game Losing Glitch at ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Fans and players witnessed a game-losing glitch in the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022 where one of the players was randomly teleported into the ring.
The For7 duo encountered this glitch during the group stage of the championship.

Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 Championship 2022 kicked off in Raleigh, North Carolina on 7th July, and a total of 40 teams started the tournament with the hopes of taking home the lion’s share of the $2 Million USD prize pool. After the group stage rounds, the twenty teams with the highest scores have moved on to the Winner’s Bracket and after the completion of Loser’s Bracket Round 1, ten teams have been eliminated from the tournament. One of the ten teams that were eliminated happens to be For7, a team that was already battling the odds by playing as a duo after one of their members tested positive for COVID-19.

In the Group Stage of the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022, For7 encountered a rather untimely bug that led to their elimination from that game. The Apex Legends community is asking Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment to fix their game and are questioning how the game can be deemed “esports ready” if it has so many bugs.

What glitch did For7 encounter?

The game-losing glitch happened in one of the games in the group stage of the championship in Raleigh. The duo playing for For7 were Han “SangJoon” Sang-jun and Yoon “Heegak” Hee-jong and they were looking to use Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive ultimate to reposition themselves as the ring closed in Round 5. Heegak was playing Valkyrie and SangJoon was on Caustic and both the players were confused by what had happened in the game.

As the For7 duo soared in the sky with Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, SangJoon’s screen glitched and he flew away from his teammate and was thrown outside, exposed to the ring, and took damage from it. From his POV (point-of-view), it looked like he fell off from the ultimate and immediately started bleeding out and eventually died. SangJoon can also be seen laughing in disbelief. Meanwhile, Heegak who flew into the circle also took shots from an opposing team positioned on the other side of the bridge where he landed.

When a Twitter user posted the For7 clip in question, it went viral and many pros, including those taking part in the tournament, commented on it. Team SoloMid’s (TSM) Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen wroteBruh” and his teammate Jordan "Reps" Wolfe commented, “Wtf.

Luminosity Gaming’s Apex Legends content creator Shivam "ShivFPS" Patel also noticed the glitch and said, “WTF IS THAT.

A Reddit user clarified that For7 did not end up in the Loser’s bracket as a result of the glitch but were bound to because they were playing as a duo. They wrote, “They were playing as a duo the whole tournament because of Covid, I doubt this ruined their chances much, but it sucks that it happened.

According to an Apex Legends player on Reddit, the glitch reportedly teleported For7 SangJoon to the middle point of the map which has the coordinates 0,0,0.

Bugs and glitches are not new to Apex Legends in any form or manner. But it is a bit bizarre that glitches of this caliber are affecting gameplay in a $2 Million USD tournament with international teams participating in it.

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