ALGS and EA doubled down on their COVID-19 policy at the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022 as many players test COVID-19 positive


ALGS Stays Firm on Its COVID-19 Policy Amidst Community Backlash

Remote play completely ruled out to uphold competitive integrity

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ALGS and EA doubled down on their COVID-19 policy at the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022 amidst many pros testing positive for the virus.
The statement clarified that remote play was not at all feasible and that if a player tests positive for COVID-19, they are ineligible to play in the LAN.

After more positive COVID-19 tests emerged on the second day of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 Championship 2022, the ALGS released a statement regarding its COVID-19 policy on its social media handles. The tournament organizers doubled down on the event’s pandemic policy and stayed firm amidst community backlash.

The Apex Legends community was enraged even before the start of the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022 in Raleigh, United States, as several players had to withdraw from the LAN due to positive COVID-19 results, a repeat of what happened at the Stockholm LAN which hosted the ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs. Additionally, several players were unable to attend the LAN due to Visa issues.

Apex Legends pro players and many others in the community are unhappy with the ALGS’ policy on COVID-19 and voiced their disappointment on social media.

ALGS issues statement regarding the COVID-19 situation

Late on 8th June, the ALGS took to Twitter to state that the health and safety of all onsite ALGS Championship competitors, staff, and fans is its top priority and that it is continuing to navigate through the current COVID-19 situation. It said that it recognizes the dedication and passion of the players who flew in from different parts of the globe to take part in the LAN and that it empathizes with those who test positive for COVID-19.

However, ALGS added, “Our policy is and has been, that if an ALGS competitor tests positive for COVID at the event, they are ineligible to compete. Remote gameplay is not feasible to uphold the fair play of LAN competition. We have communicated these policies to participating teams in advance, as well as allowed all to register an additional substitute player to their rosters as a precaution should a positive COVID-19 test impact eligibility.

The tournament organizers assured that competitors testing positive for COVID-19 and unable to travel shall receive full Electronic Arts (EA) lodging and travel support until they are able to return home.

ALGS faces community backlash after its statement

After EA and the ALGS doubled down on their COVID-19 policy regarding the ineligibility for players to compete if they test positive for the virus, the community quickly called out the tournament organizers and pointed out how LAN events in other esports titles like Valorant have isolated areas for players and teams to play on the same LAN network.

Apex Legends streamer for Team SoloMid (TSM) Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith wrote, “One of the only large esports that actively have this rule. Stop making excuses, you're trying to cut corners and save money. If you want this game to be a proper esport it's time to begin really treating it like one in ways other than just playing on a fancy stage.

TSM’s Head of Global Social and Community Duncan “Dunc” Cox wrote, “Man, if only Apex wasn’t run by EA. You just know the potential of the esport would be limitless. But this half-arsed attempt is so embarrassing.

NRG’s Apex Legends pro player Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton also called out EA and the ALGS on Twitter. “Terrible! Get a grip we’re 3 years into this s***, got to stop letting it ruin people's dreams. Every competitor would be willing to welcome a remote player with higher ping if it meant everyone who qualified and worked so hard got the chance to play,” he commented on ALGS’ COVID-19 policy.

The fans are questioning how EA and the ALGS are going to traverse through the COVID-19 situation and take precautions if there is no mask requirement inside the venue. Many have since called out the tournament organizers for their lackadaisical approach towards setting up an isolated playing space for those players who test positive for COVID-19 as a backup plan.

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