Tanmay Bhat Shares His Streaming Journey On YouTube


Tanmay Bhat Reveals Why and How He Started Streaming Games on YouTube

The content king shares his story.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Tanmay Bhat recently featured as a guest in the Spotify original podcast called Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Dynamo.
In one segment of the podcast, Tanmay Bhat shared the reason behind him streaming games on YouTube and how he set it all up.
Tanmay Bhat concludes by stating "Streaming builds a community, but videos grant growth".

One of the most viral and beloved influencers from India, Tanmay Bhat, who has amassed a huge fan following on YouTube, through a variety of engaging content which involves streaming games, recently shared what attracted him towards this niche and how he got his start.

He was the latest guest to appear on the Spotify original podcast - Gamers Unplugged, which is hosted by one of the top gaming creators from the country, Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant.

It was one of the most insightful episodes of the series where Tanmay provided insights on how one can find success when it comes to content creation, the future of the gaming industry in India, and his journey as a gamer.

Tanmay Bhat shares why he started streaming games on YouTube

Speaking about how he got into streaming, Tanmay revealed that three years ago he was taking medication for depression and played PUBG Mobile for about four hours everyday.

Soon after he started consuming content related to the game and discovered various streamers like Dynamo, Naman "MortaL" Mathur, and others, watching their streams for hours.

"I had not made any content for a year and by this point in time I had this burning desire from within to make some content again," says Tanmay, "I had never done any unscripted content before and that is what made it exciting for me."

Tanmay shared that for him streaming is like hosting a comedy show and he knew from before that it would be a lot of fun streaming games, but still he had doubts about whether people would accept him for such type of content or not.

"I realized very quickly that my gameplay does not matter. Even if I play bad, the viewers still enjoy my stream," explained Tanmay, "So I discovered very quickly that I am chief of bot army because I play like a bot."

Tanmay Bhat talks about his first streaming setup and initial difficulties that he faced

Moving on to how he actually started streaming, Tanmay recalls that towards the end of 2019 during his time in Bangalore, he decided to buy a PC and quickly assembled one, setting it up for streaming.

"I just called a couple of my friends and learned how OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) functions," says Tanmay, "My first ever stream that I have unlisted, it is not even private, just a 10 minute stream of me sitting in a dark room with light from the monitor illuminating my face and I am just testing my mic."

With just five or six viewer on his first livestream, Tamny hosted this test session for about 30 minutes or so. He kept facing technical issues for the next couple of streams but figured everything out eventually and hosted his first official livestream which is still available on his channel.

This time about 200 viewers were present and he had a wonderful time chatting and playing PUBG Mobile with them. After two or three weeks of streaming, Salman "Mamba" Ahmad, raided his livestream and Tanmay felt as if the gaming community was opening up to him.

"A month after that I called up CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) and he suggested I should join him while streaming," says Tanmay, "Through CarryMinati I got exposed to a lot of other gamers like Gareeb Gaming and all these guys, that is how I started streaming."

Before moving on to the next topic, Tanmay Bhat concluded by stating that streaming helps in building a community but videos grant you growth, something he has personally observed and followed.

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