Stax Reveals Why He Loves Playing Initiator Role


Stax Reveals Why He Loves Playing Initiator Role and Favorite Valorant Agent

One of the best from APAC.

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Stax points out that he is able to exceed the limits of his agent when he plays the role of an initiator.
His teammates also highlight a few positive things about him like having an exceptional aim and the ability to clutch.
Stax also revealed his favorite agents in the game along with the one that he dislikes the most.

DRX has shown how strong of a team it is during the regular stage of the VCT 2023 Pacific League. The giants from Korea qualified for the playoffs on the back of a formidable 8-1 run, enough to prove that the team is the true king of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

One reason for DRX's extraordinary triumph is the very capable captaincy shown by Kim "stax" Gu-taek, who recently revealed why he likes to play the role of an initiator while calling the shots for his team.

Additionally, stax also revealed his current favorite agent in Valorant and the one he truly despises to play against.

Stax opens up about his love of playing the role of an initiator and his favorite agent in Valorant

The star of the Korean lineup that is currently dominating the APAC circuit, stax is the one who hypes the team outside the server, leads them within, and loves controlling the tempo for his side by playing the role of an initiator.

In a recent video, stax revealed that being an initiator his main job is to collect and call out whatever information he is able to find across the map.

"Once my briefing is done, I can control the game however I want. If I need to be aggressive, I can approach from the front. I can always exceed the limits of my agent," says stax, explaining the aspects associated with the initiator role that makes him like it so much.

However, when it comes to his teammates, each one of them appreciates a different thing about the player.

  • Kim "glow" Min-soo appreciates his role of leading the team in the server and calls him the pillar of the team.

  • Kim "MaKo" Myeong-kwan shines a light on stax's aim and ability to clutch which according to him is far better in comparison to other captains.

Apart from his skills in the game, stax is known to be the superstar for the side, a trait that comes to him very naturally. Outside the server, he keeps the morale of the team high and keeps his own confidence at the peak.

As for his favorite agents, stax true to his initiator role said that his favorite agent used to be Skye but now it is Gekko. On the other hand, the agent he absolutely hates is Jett, mainly because she flies around and also due to her default passive to float around in the air.

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