Total Expense To Run Global Esports Valorant Team And Main Source Of Income


Global Esports CEO Reveals Income Source and Total Expense to Run Valorant Team

Here is how much the organization spends to operate its Valorant team.

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During a recent livestream, Rushindra Sinha revealed the monthly and yearly expense of running the Valorant team of Global Esports after joining the VCT.
Rushindra Sinha also highlighted the various sources of income through which these expenses are paid and how they will operate the team in the future.
Additionally, he also talks about how the written agreement with Riot Games ensures Global Esports millions of dollars down the line.

Global Esports is the best Valorant team from South Asia, representing the region on an international stage as a partnered VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) team.

The team might not be the best among all the APAC (Asia Pacific) teams but there has been a steady growth in its performance, especially witnessed during the ongoing VCT 2023: Pacific League.

During a recent livestream, Rushindra Sinha - Founder and CEO of Global Esports, revealed the monthly and yearly expenses of operating the Global Esports Valorant team, while also talking about the source of its income to keep everything running.

Rushindra Sinha reveals the total expense of running Global Esports Valorant team and its main source of income

It is not easy or cheap to run a Valorant team, especially when it is competing internationally on the biggest stage with some of the best players as part of its lineup.

When asked about the operating cost of its Valorant team since joining the VCT circuit, Rushindra revealed that Global Esports spends about one crore every month, translating to about 12 crores (INR) every year which is approximately $1.2 to $1.3 million (USD).

He specially mentions that this amount includes everything from rent, electricity, utilities, bootcamp, and food. This means that the actual amount is even higher because the player salaries have not been accounted for in this breakdown.

This seems to be in line with an earlier response provided by Rushindra where he compared the operational cost of Global Esports' Valorant team before and after becoming a VCT partner team.

"Actually for a VCT Valorant team, this isn't too bad," says Rushindra, while talking about the team's expense, "I know it is a lot of money for any other team and for us also it literally feels like something piercing our heart."

As for how the organization manages to pay for all these expenses, Rushindra points out that their main source is the investment put in by the people running Global Esports along with the initial debt that they have taken.

"Our studio is doing well and of course, we have a massive amount of money that is going to come in from Riot every year but that will only come by the end of the season," adds Rushindra, highlighting how they will run the operations in the future.

Rushindra further goes on to talk about how being a franchised team and having a signed agreement with Riot Games gives them a written guarantee for millions of dollars down the line.

This agreement also helps Global Esports give credible reaffirmation to investors, banks, and other traditional institutes that want to know the scalability, future, and security of the organization.

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