sinatraa Responds To Gods Reign’s Six-Figure Offer


Sinatraa Emphatically Rejects Gods Reign’s Six-Figure Offer

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In a recent Twitch livestream, Jay “sinatraa” Won addressed the recent offer made by Gods Reign CEO “KR” Rohith to join the organization’s Valorant roster.
sinatraa stated that he makes the same amount by livestreaming on Twitch and expressed that he was not interested in the offer.

North American professional Valorant player Jay “sinatraa” Won recently commented on the recent offer made by Gods Reign CEO “KR” Rohith to join the organization’s Valorant roster. The offer was in the six-figure range, but sinatraa did not express much interest in it. Instead, he indicated that he makes a similar amount of money in just one month from streaming on Twitch, implying that the amount was meager for him.

sinatraa is not interested in Gods Reign’s six-figure offer

On 24th January, during a conversation on Twitter, KR put forth an open offer of $12k USD per month, which equates to $144,000 per year, for sinatraa to join the organization’s Valorant roster. He added that he would pay 30% of his annual salary upfront for joining the organization. Additionally, he mentioned that this offer does not include medical, travel, and hospitality expenses.

In a recent Twitch livestream, sinatraa addressed the offer put forth by KR. Responding to this, sinatraa stated, “An Indian organization offered me $144k a year, 30% upfront. That’s it?!” Following this, he laughingly added, “I make that much in one month on Twitch! Tripping. Said 144k for the year?”

After KR made the offer, Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha expressed that sinatra was signed for $150,000 for a year by NRG Esports in 2017. KR responded that he was willing to reconsider the amount if sinatraa was interested. Unfortunately, based on sinatraa’s expressions, it seems that sinatraa is not interested in the offer.

sinatraa started his esports career as a competitive Overwatch player. During his professional career in Overwatch, he won numerous accolades, including the 2019 Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) as well as the 2019 OWWC MVP. 

sinatraa left the competitive Overwatch scene in April 2020 and started his Valorant career with Sentinels. Within a few months, sinatraa solidified himself as one of the top players in the scene. He won numerous regional tournaments, including the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers 1, JBL Quantum Cup, and Pop Flash. However, in March 2021, sinatraa was suspended from Sentinels’ roster due to allegations of sexual assault against him. Following this, in May 2021, Riot Games suspended sinatraa for six months for not fully cooperating with the investigation. 

In April 2022, sinatraa announced that he intended to return to the Valorant competitive scene. However, he was not signed to any team following the announcement and continued working as a content creator. In January 2023, he joined team Untamable Beasts, who played in the Valorant Challengers North America last chance qualifier.

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