Gods Reign’s CEO Offers sinatraa a Six-Figure Deal to Play Valorant For the Organization


Gods Reign’s CEO Offers sinatraa a Six-Figure Deal to Play Valorant For the Organization

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Bleed Esports’ coach Abhishek “GodspeedxD” Bajaj recently suggested that Indian organizations should consider signing North American Valorant players. However, some users believed that Indian organizations would go bankrupt if they followed North American pay norms and salaries.
Following this, Gods Reign’s CEO, “KR” Rohith, put forth an open offer of $12k USD per month ($144,000 per year) for Jay “sinatraa” Won to join the organization’s Valorant roster.

Gods Reign’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), “KR” Rohith, put forth an “open offer” to North American pro Valorant player Jay “sinatraa” Won to play in the organization’s Valorant roster. KR offered sinatraa $12k USD per month, which equated to $144,000 per year. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he would pay 30% of his annual salary upfront for joining the organization. Additionally, he mentioned that this offer does not include medical, travel, and hospitality expenses.

Gods Reign CEO’s open offer for sinatraa

On 23rd January, Bleed Esports’ coach Abhishek “GodspeedxD” Bajaj suggested that the Indian organizations that are seeking to sign foreign talent should consider signing players from North America (NA). He added that the recent conclusion of the NA Valorant Challengers League had left many skilled players without a team to play for.

But a Twitter user commented that Indian organizations may not be able to attract players from North America with their current financial compensation, as it may not be sufficient compared to pay system norms and expected salaries in North America.

GodspeedxD believed that a salary of $5,000 USD, along with the coverage of other expenses, would be more than sufficient for NA players to play in India. He also mentioned that these players will get the opportunity to continue competing in the Challengers and will also be able to build a large following in the region.

Following this KR wanted to show that Indian organizations will not be going bankrupt if they sign North American players and put forth an open offer for sinatraa.

Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha noted that NRG Esports signed sinatraa for a $150K per year contract back in 2017 for its Overwatch roster. Responding to this, KR stated that he was ready to reconsider if sinatraa was interested. 

The Indian Valorant community is currently in a debate over the decision of organizations to import players from abroad, and it remains to be seen if sinatraa will accept this offer and how this decision will impact the Indian Valorant scene.

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