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Sentinels Suffer Shock Defeat in NA VCT Stage 3 Day 2

Nutan Lele
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Sentinels, probably the most beloved team in NA, faced defeat on Day 2 of VCT NA Stage 3.
Sentinels have to win their next match to keep their dream of qualifying for VCT Masters Berlin alive.
Sentinels will fight Team Envy in VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1 Day 3 tomorrow, on 11th July, at 5:30 am (SGT).

Sentinels, the top seeded team for Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 3 Challengers 1, suffered a shocking defeat on Day 2 at the hands of XSET. The upper bracket semi-finals concluded with XSET winning 2-1 against Sentinels, forcing them to face off against Pioneers and tomorrow against Team Envy in the lower bracket. Day 2 of NA VCT Stage 3 saw a total of four matches played with 100 Thieves and XSET winning the upper bracket matches, while Sentinels and Team Envy won in the lower bracket.

Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 3 Challengers 1 Day 2: Sentinels vs. XSET

While Sentinels was the top seed from the open qualifier, their win against Gen.G Esports on Day 1 was less than convincing. On Day 2, Sentinels fans' fears came true in the team's match against XSET.

Sentinels started off strong winning 3 rounds back to back with TenZ and Zombs picking up quite a few kills in Match 1. XSET managed to bounce back and equalize the score and pull ahead by round 11 with a good performance by PureR. XSET maintained their lead till the end of Match 1 on Haven with a score of 13-9.

In Match 2, it was XSET’s turn to start off strong, picking up the first two rounds before Sentinels pushed back, dominating for the next seven rounds. XSET looked like they were turning the tide in their favor as they equalized the score to 9-9 in round 19. BcJ picked up a 3k against Sentinels in round 23 but eventually the second match on Icebox saw Sentinels clinch the win, ending 13-11 against XSET.

Match 3 on Split saw Sentinels pick up the first two rounds before being wiped out by XSET for a flawless victory in round 3. The next few rounds, the teams kept the score neck-and-neck. However, in round 16 XSET pulled ahead and Sentinels just couldn’t recover. XSET won Split 13-8. Catch the highlights of the match below.

Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 3 Challengers 1 Day 3

Sentinels were sent to the lower brackets where they defeated Pioneers 2-0 and managed to stay in the competition. Both Pioneers and Gen.G were knocked out of the Valorant Champions Tour event as Team Envy beat Gen.G 2-0.

Sentinels will fight Team Envy in VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1 Day 3 tomorrow, July 11, at 5:30 am (SGT). This match is crucial to the Sentinels staying in the competition. 100 Thieves will face off against XSET, tomorrow in the upper bracket final. If 100 Thieves beats XSET and Sentinels pulls through, the two teams will face off once again in the competition. 100 Thieves, XSET, Sentinels, and Envy will now fight for their place in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin.

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