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KAY/O Easter Egg In Valorant: How To Find

Nutan Lele
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A Reddit user has discovered a KAY/O Easter egg while playing as Brimstone.
To see it, players will need to unlock KAY/O's agent contract till tier 10.
Valorant Content Art Lead, Sean Marino has said there will be more such Easter eggs in the future.

KAY/O is the newest agent added to Valorant in patch 3.0. While the KAY/O agent reveal trailer gave us a glimpse of his relationship with Reyna and other Radiants, Riot has kept much about the robot a mystery. However, KAY/O’s Easter egg gives us some more hints about his connection to Brimstone. A Reddit user discovered this KAY/O easter egg while playing as Brimstone but with KAY/O’s FIRE/ARM Classic equipped. This will require players to unlock tier 10 of KAY/O’s agent contract. Here is how you can find KAY/O’s Easter egg in Valorant.

How to find KAY/O’s Easter Egg in Valorant

Riot Games is known for putting easter eggs into its many games and Valorant is no different. For KAY/O’s Easter egg to appear, players will also need to equip the Memory Chip gun buddy and Memory Log player card for this to work. Here is a step-by-step guide to see the Easter egg yourself.

Step 1: Unlock tier 10 in KAY/O’s contract to get the FIRE/ARM Classic.

Step 2: Equip KAY/O’s FIRE/ARM Classic via the Arsenal tab.

Step 3: Equip the Memory Chip gun buddy and Memory Log player card. These are unlocked at tier 6 and tier 9 of KAY/O’s contract.

Step 4: Enter a match and select Brimstone.

Step 5: Equip Brimstone with the Classic sidearm, the Memory Chip buddy will be open instead of closed.

KAY/O Easter egg: Memory Chip gunbuddy will be open when playing as Brimstone.

This is how the Memory Chip gunbuddy looks like without Brimstone selected.

Memory Chip gunbuddy remains closed on agents other than Brimstone.

Twitter user, Cynprel, decoded KAY/O’s agent trailer and speculated that he may be one of Killjoy’s machines (based on a quote by Reyna) and his animosity towards her in the trailer.

The flashback shows KAY/O facing off against Reyna.

Valorant Content Art Lead, Sean Marino, also chimed in on the Reddit post saying that all active easter eggs have been found but there would be more such easter eggs to watch out for in the future.

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