Seer from Apex Legends is reportedly the next hero in line to receive an Heirloom in the game


Seer Could Be Next in Line for a Potential Heirloom in Apex Legends Season 15

Abhimannu Das
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Seer's Heirloom is expected to be released around mid-December alongside a Collection event.
Seer's Heirloom resembles a sickle but fans pointed out that it could also be a crook used by Egyptian God Khonsu.
The Heirloom will cost players around $160 USD if you purchase all 24 packs from the Collection event.

New information about the next Apex Legends Heirloom has surfaced and it might upset a lot of players. Seer’s Heirloom has been datamined in the game’s files and players who have been waiting for Horizon’s Heirloom are already heavily disappointed. Horizon arrived back in November 2020 and is yet to receive her Heirloom. However, with Apex Legends getting a new map in Seer’s home, it makes sense that the mysterious recon legend gets to jump the queue. Notably, Apex Legends Season 15 is scheduled to start on 1st November, barring any delays by developer Respawn Entertainment.

Seer’s Heirloom is reportedly a sickle

Apex Legends Season 15 is shaping up to be a huge content update with a new map, a new legend, balance changes, and more. Seer’s Heirloom was leaked by Apex Legends leaker “HYPERMIST” who has been spot-on with leaks in the past. 

The next collection event should arrive around mid-December, which is when Seer is likely to get his Heirloom. It is important to keep in mind that all of the information available right now is based on leaks and Respawn could very well change the release schedule for its Collection events. 

Seer has been an oppressive character in the Apex Legends meta and the fact that he is getting a fancy new sickle does not bode well for players. Respawn has a history of buffing or nerfing characters when they receive their Heirlooms. For example, when Rampart and Revenant got their respective Heirlooms, the developers buffed them so more players would be incentivized to get the Heirlooms.

In Valkyrie’s case, Respawn held off on nerfs to the legend and after the Collection event ended, her wings were clipped by the nerf hammer. Seer and other recon legends are also due to get nerfed with Respawn developers hinting that changes are coming.

Respawn developer Devan McGuire stated in a recent Reddit post, “We understand the frustrations around legend abilities that scan and their tactical dominance at higher levels of play. Some of these abilities, however, are core to the play patterns and identities of the legends themselves so it’s not a simple task to address.

If you are a Seer main and hoping to grab the new Heirloom, you might also embrace some nerfs in Season 15. With the new season kicking off on 1st November, we can expect an official Heirloom reveal by Respawn Entertainment very soon.

The last legend to receive an Heirloom in Apex Legends was Loba and this was released during the Season 14 Beast of Prey event. 

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