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Apex Legends Packs in Season 15 Will Worsen

Abhimannu Das
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Fans are not happy with the inclusion of stickers in Apex Packs in Apex Legends.
With the stickers being added to the Apex Pack loot pool, it will become even more difficult to get items you want.
The introduction of legendary emotes and holo sprays were also criticized by the community.

Apex Legends’ monetization has been heavily criticized over the past few years and yet the monetization has gotten seemingly worse over time according to many players. Electronic Arts (EA) is no stranger to criticism over its monetization. After all, the publisher held the record for the most downvoted post in Reddit history for a while due to a developer comment defending monetization practices in one of its games. At launch, Apex Legends’ first heirloom was also heavily criticized, forcing the entire Collection event system to be tweaked. Three years later, the monetization of the game continues to get worse.

After Holo Sprays, it is time for stickers to be added to Apex Packs

When Holo Sprays were introduced, fans were extremely unhappy as the cosmetics dilute the loot pool. There are legendary-tier Holo Sprays that compete in the same drop pool as legendary skins and fans do not like it one bit. The same can be said about emotes which were also heavily criticized. Currently, we have more items in Apex Packs than ever before and the chances of getting legendary skins have gone down tremendously over the years.

Apex Legends Season 15 is getting “Stickers” which you can  apply to your healing items. You can equip up to four Stickers to your healing items and players are questioning why these Stickers need to exist in the same loot pool as the Apex Packs. Some players suggested that these new cosmetics should be added to a separate loot pool and should not dilute the chances of getting skins from Apex Packs.

Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment increased the level cap from 500 to 2000, allowing players to earn more cosmetics but it is much harder to get skins right now. Even before the new types of cosmetics were added to the game, there were banner frames in the legendary pool, which many fans dislike.

Players feel that Respawn is just trying to “fill the loot box rewards with worthless garbage” to make it harder for players to get what they want. The Reddit thread with the complaints has generated over 11,000 views and developers or community managers who are active in the community are yet to respond. Players have started comparing Overwatch 2 to Apex Legends and are debating which game has the worse monetization right now.

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