Sova nerfs in patch 4.08


Riot Reverts Sova's Animation Changes Listed for Patch 4.08

Riot pulls back the changes after the community voiced its concerns about lineups

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games has reverted the animation changes it had initially slated for Sova.
This is after the community and Sova players voiced their concerns about how the new animation was blocking the HUD bar, which is used for predominantly aligning lineups.
Other than this, Riot is shipping a few nerfs to Sova in patch 4.08 which include a reduction in damage to his Shock Dart and the duration of his Owl Drone.

Riot Games has made it clear that it actively listens to the feedback from the Valorant community. Earlier on 25th April, the players learned about the nerfs slated for Sova in Patch 4.08, which is scheduled to go live on 27th April for the launch of Episode Four, Act Three. With this new patch, Sova’s Shock Bolt or the Shock Dart has been targeted alongside his Owl Drone.

Additionally, Riot Games also brought in some animation changes for the Russian agent in this patch, which saw significant backlash from the Sova mains.

Following this, on 26th April, Riot wrote, “We've heard your concerns about Sova's new animations disrupting lineups. Based on that feedback, his animation changes will be removed from Patch 4.08.

Sova players voiced their concerns that the new animations for the Shock Bolt could essentially affect the lineups that are used post-plant. Some of them pointed out how the new animation of Sova pulling out his bow blocked the bottom of the heads-up display (HUD) which players needed for aligning their lineups.

What were the Sova nerfs intended for patch 4.08?

Twitter handle Valorant updates revealed all the nerfs for Sova which are as follows:

  • Shock Dart now does 75 Damage

  • [Owl] Drone now only lasts for 8 seconds and marks only twice with a delay.

  • The drone seems to move faster

The nerf to the damage on his Shock Dart has been the center of debates on social media. It has been reduced significantly from 90 damage to now 70 (if the enemy is in the center of the dart explosion). With regards to the Owl Drone, it was also able to mark targets three times earlier and now players can only use it twice.

Sova was one of the agents who were available to play at launch when Valorant was released in 2020. Sova players in the community are creative, so to say since they find different ways to bounce off his darts, undertake sneaky plays post-plant, and also engage in fights as an initiator.

Valorant Patch 4.08 is confirmed for release on 27th April and new Agent Fade is also set to release along with Valorant Episode Four Act III ‘Disruption.’

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