Riot Games is adding new, cool features to tweak and chance crosshairs in Valorant


Riot Games to Add New Crosshair Features in Valorant

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games has revealed the changes made in the PBE cycle for Valorant patch 5.04.
Most of these changes are to improve the quality of the game and also more crosshair features to help players.

Riot Games posted the patch notes for the Valorant 5.04 patch which is currently in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) cycle. On 19th August, the bugs and errors that are getting fixed alongside a few quality of life changes were mentioned by Riot. It wrote, “Aug 19 weekend PBE will focus on Patch stability and crosshair changes.” Finding the right crosshair in Valorant can be a bit daunting and tricky. Unlike a lot of other first-person shooters, Valorant offers a very extensive set of options to help you tweak your crosshair. Riot added an import and export option for crosshair settings in March 2022. Now, it is adding more features to Crosshair features in the game.

What are the updates to crosshair settings in Valorant?

The following are the quality of life changes that Riot Games has introduced to crosshair settings in Valorant in the current PBE cycle:

Custom crosshair color

Now, players will be able to select a custom crosshair color.

The steps to do so are:

  • Go to Settings

  • Navigate to Crosshair (Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope)

  • On the drop-down menu for color, select Custom and input the Hex Code (6-digit RGB) value of the desired color

  • If a non-Hex code is entered, the crosshair will revert to the previous color.

Ability to independently tune horizontal and vertical crosshair lines.

Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary or Aim Down Sights >> Inner/Outer Length

Disabling the middle “chain” icon enables independent tuning.

The left slider is for the horizontal line and the right slider is for the vertical line.

Ability to copy spectating player’s crosshair settings

Now, when spectating another player, players can type “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” to import the crosshair of the player you are spectating and save it as a new crosshair profile

Available crosshair profiles have been increased from 10 to 15

Crosshairs play a crucial role in determining accuracy and they help when you are constantly moving and are trying to readjust your shots. Understanding movement error and firing error is important if you want to see how they affect your accuracy when shooting.

In more exciting news, leakers and data miners have revealed that there are new features being added to Valorant. They are as follows:

  • An avoid list

  • A new game mode called HURM: allows players to use agent abilities in a deathmatch mode.

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