Riot Games may be adding a new feature called Avoid List alongside a new deathmatch mode in Valorant very soon


Valorant ‘Avoid List’ and New Game Mode Revealed By Dataminers

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant may be gearing up for new additions in the near future.
Leakers and data miners have revealed a new game mode and a new avoid list for Valorant.

Riot Games may be bringing some exciting new additions to Valorant very soon, according to leakers and data miners. Last month, there were leaks of in-game models of agents using emotes in-game, suggesting that Riot might be exploring Fortnite-like emotes for Valorant too. On 19th August, the Valorant community was treated to new information regarding upcoming potential updates to the game which include an avoid list, a new game mode, and also new crosshair settings.

What is the Avoid List in Valorant?

On 19th August, famous Valorant leaker Valorleaks wrote on Twitter, “In the future, you will be able to avoid people. You will be able to add players to your Avoid List to avoid players as teammates.

Another data miner Shiick wrote, “Text for an ‘Avoid List’ is present in the latest PBE [Public Beta Environment].” They added that the following lines were found in the PBE update:

  • [Player] would be less likely to join your team for the next few days.

  • [Player] would be able to join your team normally once again."

The way the Avoid List works is fairly simple. It would act like a temporary block list where players can add other players to it and they will not be able to join the same lobby as you. In the case of you running into an intentional feeder or griefer in the game, all you need to do is add them to the block list and avoid them for the next few days. However, it is not a block feature. Since there is no official word from Riot Games on the Avoid List, it is difficult to understand how or when the player will be released from the list. But, once they are no longer on the Avoid List, they will be able to join the same lobby.

NRG’s Valorant streamer and content creator Chris "Flexinja" Irvine had a funny take on this new possible feature. He wrote, “Imagine someone not being able to queue if the entire community has them on their avoid list LMAO.

After learning about this new update, the community is seemingly happy and has been praising Riot for bringing in a good feature. Notably, League of Legends players are also asking for a similar update for their favorite game.

New game mode called HURM in Valorant

The leaks also suggest that there is a new game mode coming to Valorant. The new potential game mode called “HURM” reportedly combines the features of Death Match and allows players to use abilities. Valorleaks wrote, “Ability-enabled team deathmatch game mode. Which players will race to be the first team to 100 kills.

Riot Games has not confirmed these updates, so these leaks must be taken with a pinch of salt. However, with the way these leaks have been received by the community, one can surely tell that they are much-needed in the game.

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