Riot Games Says There Are Delays in Star Guardian: Another Sky Rewards Processing

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Riot says the Star Guardian: Another Sky rewards are backed up.</p></div>
Riot says the Star Guardian: Another Sky rewards are backed up.


Riot Games

Riot Mikouz took to Twitter to talk about the delays in the Star Guardian: Another Sky event rewards.
Riot is currently looking into resolving the issue.

The Star Guardians event brought a ton of new content including skins, comics, a visual novel, and video snippets to League of Legends characters in the Star Guardian Universe. Along with the Star Guardian bonds, the Star Guardian: Another Sky event lets players earn rewards for completing sets of missions in chapters spread across three weeks. However, with several players logging on to complete their missions and get rewards, Riot Games' servers are having a hard time processing all the rewards. Riot Mikouz, game producer for League of Legends events metagames took to Twitter telling players they may experience some delays in getting their Star Guardian: Another Sky rewards.

Riot Mikouz assures players they’ll be receiving their rewards soon

Due to the high number of rewards being distributed, “rewards to be "queued" (traffic jam). Our servers are processing them as fast as possible, but in some regions (BR, KR, EU) it may take some time to process”.

Riot Mikouz apologized for the delay and also mentioned that Riot was working on increasing their processing capabilities to help clear the queue and to ultimately “increase server capacity and do heavier load tests”, instead of reducing the number of rewards that would be given out in the future.

Since the Star Guardians event ends on 15th August, one Twitter user enquired about rewards not being given out in time to which Mikouz responded saying,“The goal is to make sure we distribute as many queued rewards as possible”, and ideally the queue should be cleared by tomorrow. In any case, the developer is monitoring the situation.

This year’s Star Guardians event brought a record number of skins, some for champions that haven’t received a skin for a while like Rell and Quinn. However, some fans are disappointed that there was no PvE mode like with the first Star Guardian event.

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