Arena Mode Nerfs in LoL 13.14 micropatch


Riot Games Releases Important Arena Changes via LoL 13.14 Micropatch

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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After a few days of monitoring champion behavior and the meta in Arena Mode in League of Legends, Riot Games has released a micropatch to introduce balance changes.
Here’s all we know about the LoL 13.14 micropatch.

It is safe to say that the majority of League of Legends players have flocked back to the game with the addition of the newest game mode: Arena. The 2v2v2v2 team deathmatch (TDM) limited-time mode (LTM) went live on 20th July, a day after LoL patch 13.14 was rolled out. A few days later, after monitoring the game mode, the publisher is addressing some of the outliers in the Arena mode and released LoL 13.14 micropatch to bring forth certain balance changes. 

On 22nd July, League of Legends Game Designer on the Summoners Rift Team, Madness Hero, took to Twitter and said, “Hello to all the Arena players now that we’re live! Thanks for playing! We’ve got a micropatch coming in. This won’t solve everything, but we are looking to hit the biggest offenders here and help some struggling champions/classes.

Here’s all we know about the LoL 13.14 micropatch.

Shaco, Heimerdinger & Others Nerfed in LoL 13.14 Micropatch for Arena Mode

The micropatch features only a couple of buffs to champions while seven champions are on the chopping block. Likewise, Crit Damage and Dashing (Augment) have been buffed while Rageblade has received a system nerf.

Here’s all you need to know about the buffs and nerfs in LoL 13.14 micropatch:

Champion Buffs

  • Lux: Passive AP (Ability Power) Ratio: 20% >> 35%

  • Zoe: Passive AP Ratio: 20% >>35%

Champion Nerfs


  • Tibbers Initial Damage: 150-400 >> 125-325

  • Tibbers Attack AP Ratio: 15% >> 10%

  • Tibbers AD (Attack Damage): 50-100 >> 25-75 Tibbers Aura Damage: 20-40>> 15-25


  • Turret Base Damage: 6-18 >> 4-12

  • R Turret Base Damage: 70-100 >> 50-80 Damage Dealt: -5%

  • Damage Dealt: -5%


  • P Missing HP Percent Heal: 4.5% >> 3.5% 

  • Q Tentacle Damage Amp: 10-30% >> 5-25% 

  • Damage Taken: +5%


  • 10% Damage Dealt


  • -5% Damage Dealt

  • +5% Damage Taken


  • Q CD (Cooldown): -30 Ability Haste

  • W Fear Duration: 0.5-1 >> 0.5 all ranks


  • P damage 25-93 (+0.15armor) >> 12.5~46.5 (+0.1armor) 

  • W armor bonus 10~14% >> 5~7%

System Buffs

  • Crit Damage: 1.75x >> 1.9x

  • Dashing (Augment): Ability Haste 150 >>> 200

System Nerfs

Rageblade (base stats)

  • AS (Attack Speed) 40 >>> 30

  • AD 30 >>> 25

  • AP 30 >>> 25

The developers said for individual champion nerfs, they were hitting high-performing champions and a high frustration outlier: Shaco. “Long term for Arena we’d like for all our changes to be unique, but in the short term we’ll need to rely on the ARAM modifications while we get familiar with the mode,” noted Madness Hero.

Meanwhile, Head of League Studio Andrei “Meddler” van Roon tweeted, “Team’s getting some quick Arena balance adjustments in now that we’ve got enough live data to work with! We’ll take another look at things on Monday, see how balance and the meta are evolving.

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