Riot Games Introduces Three Honors Skin Line & Its First Entrant Malzahar

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>League of Legends players will now receive a new reward through the Three Honors skin line for Honor Level 5</p></div>
League of Legends players will now receive a new reward through the Three Honors skin line for Honor Level 5


Riot Games is making significant changes to its behavioral systems and the rewards it offers to honorable players.
The company introduced the Three Honors skin line and its first skin for Malzahar as a reward for Honor Level 5 players in Season 12.
The skin line will be replacing the chromas released for the Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins.

Riot Games pushes its players to act good and be better in-game and gives away incentives and rewards to those who uphold the honor. On 31st August, Riot Games revealed a new skin line called Three Honors which will be the reward for players who stay positive and honorable on the Summoner’s Rift. Behavioral systems product lead Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh revealed that the first skin in the Three Honors skin line will be Three Honors Malzahar and this skin will be rewarded to players who reach Honor Level 5 before the end of Season 12.

TimTamMonster wrote in the blog post, “You’ve told us more times than I can count that the rewards for reaching the highest level of Honor are stale. As promised in my last post, I’m thrilled to share The Three Honors Skinline and its 2022 entrant: Three Honors Malzahar.

What is the Three Honors skin line replacing?

Every year, Riot would add a new chroma to the honor store for the existing Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins. But as of this year, with the entry of the new skin line for Honor rewards, the company is completely replacing the chroma system. “The Three Honors skin line is replacing these new chromas. Honor 5 capsules will still contain the token you can redeem for Twitch, Warwick, or their previous chromas.

Three Honors Malzahar

Riot Games

How does the Honor system work in League of Legends?

Players can blaze through the honor progress and reach the highest level faster if they are more consistent with their positivity. Though a rare slip-up or a bad game where one loses their cool would not hurt the momentum, flip-flopping between positive and negative behavior will slow down the progress a lot. Notably, if all five members of a team honor someone, all the players get an extra boost to their respective honor scores.

Players also receive extra honor points from matchmade teammates over premade teammates. Riot also added, “Finally, the game mode also impacts the amount of honor you receive: Ranked Solo = Ranked Flex > Normals = ARAM = Event Modes > Co-op vs AI. This reflects the stakes, as well as the amount of social interaction, each queue offers.

Future updates for behavioral systems in League of Legends

Riot Games is reportedly working on exciting updates to evaluate live in-game texts. It stated that it is also finally going to add the ability to report players in-game as soon as disruptive behavior happens. Notably, players will soon be getting a pre-made chat channel, allowing them to communicate amongst themselves without needing to be exposed to potentially disruptive chat by randomly matchmade teammates. “And we’re working on improving your ability to play again with those you’ve enjoyed playing with in the past by providing easy ways to create parties with players you’ve honored or have honored you,” noted the company.

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