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Pride Event 2022: Expected Start Date, Emotes, Icons, and Other Details

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Emotes and Icons in the theme of Pride are out for testing on the Public Beta Environment.
Every year since 2018 Riot Games has been putting together in-game events across its titles to celebrate Pride.
This year’s Pride emotes feature Twisted Fate and Graves and also the infamous Pengus and Poros.

Riot Games has released the Pride Event emotes and icons for 2022 and has already revealed them on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). However, Riot has not officially revealed the event or the dates for the Pride Event.

Riot has been very vocal in its participation in IDAHOTB [International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia] on 17th May, and in 2018, the company began sharing its support of this with the community through in-game icons, homeguard trail animations, emotes, and even a Guardian in Legends of Runeterra.

Additionally, Riot has been supporting the LGTBQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Plus the rest!) folks and allies across all its titles and has celebrated Pride through the months of May and June with events and personalization content in the past.

Everything we know about the Pride Event in League of Legends

Last year’s Pride Event was available between 17th May and 30th June and given the fact that the rewards for Pride Event 2022 are already up on the PBE’s current cycle, the rewards – the emotes and the icons – can possibly get released alongside LoL Patch 12.10. According to the official patch schedule, LoL Patch 12.10 will hit the live servers on 25th May. If the event drops in LoL Patch 12.10, players shall get to finish missions to collect the free rewards.

Last year Riot gave away rewards including Pride Emotes, Pride Icon and a Leona and Diana emote. The company also raised money by contributing 100% of the net proceeds of its merchandise for the It Gets Better Project.

This year the featured champions for Pride Month are Twisted Fate and Graves and two emotes featuring the same are available on the PBE. Alongside this, there are icons that players can get to celebrate the 2022 Pride Month in League of Legends.

Pride Event 2022 Icons and Emotes

The Pride Event 2022 Icons and Emotes that are already out on the PBE for testing are:

  • Emotes with Graves and Twisted titled Accepted and Partners in Crime

  • Poro Pride 2022 Emote

  • Icons with Pengu holding different flags of the LGBTQIA+ community

The emotes with Graves and Twisted Fate holding hands and embracing are similar to the ones of Diana and Leona cosmetics from 2021.

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