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Pre-Registrations for Mobile Battle Royale Indus Now Live: Complete Details

Time to lock in the game and wait for its release.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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SuperGaming has started pre-registration for the mobile battle royale Indus.
Pre-registrations for Indus are live on Google Play for Android devices at the moment.
The developers have stated that pre-registrations for both iOS and iPadOS will go live soon.

The mobile battle royale, Indus, is now a step closer to global release following the launch of its first-ever gameplay trailer and its pre-registrations going live yesterday on 26th January. However, there is a catch as pre-registration for the game is only available for Android at this point in time while the same for iOS will start later.

The official statement from SuperGaming reads as follows, "Pre-registrations for the game are live now on Google Play for Android, pre-registrations on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS to follow soon."

Here is how you can go ahead and register your mobile devices so that whenever the game is released it will be automatically downloaded and installed.

The pre-registrations for the mobile battle royale Indus is now live on Google Play

Pune-based gaming studio called SuperGaming has been working on an 'Indo-Futuristic' battle royale for mobile devices called Indus for quite some time and it seems that the game is now close to its release.

The marketing campaigns have been going strong with targetted releases across multiple locations in London, England and New York's iconic Times Square. The developers even organized a community playtest event at Comic Con Bengaluru in India last year, providing audiences a chance to experience Indus before the game's release.

Here is how you can pre-register Indus for your Android devices with the same for iOS and iPadOS to follow soon.

  1. Go to Google Play on your respective Android devices and search for 'Indus Battle Royale'.

  2. This mobile title has been published on Google Play by SuperGaming SG.

  3. Here you will see an icon labelled 'Pre-Register'.

  4. Simply click on this and a pop-up will appear stating 'You're pre-registered for this game'.

  5. Click on 'Got It' and you are all set.

  6. Whenever the game is released in your country or region, it will automatically be downloaded and installed on your device. All the pre-registered users will be notified during the process.

Pre-Register Option on Google Play for Indus by SuperGaming

In the about section, users can read about what the game has to offer and other information related to the title. Other details about the game have not been revealed by the developers yet and will be announced as they move closer to the completion of the game.

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