SuperGaming Releases Gameplay Trailer of Made-In-India Battle Royale Indus

Here is the first look of how this indigenous mobile game plays out.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Gameplay Trailer Of Mobile Battle Royale Indus Released


The first-ever gameplay trailer of the made-in-India mobile battle royale Indus has been revealed by SuperGaming.
This trailer shows glimpses of key locations from across the vast battleground called Virlok, different characters, various weapons, and a lot more.
SuperGaming also launched the Indus gameplay trailer across some of the biggest locations in London.

One of the most hyped mobile gaming projects from India, Indus, which is a battle royale that is currently being developed by SuperGaming has launched its first-ever gameplay trailer.

The video shows an array of weapons, gears, and consumables that will be featured in this 'Indo-Futuristic' battle royale, blending aspects from the Indian culture with futuristic twists.

From the very first look, it is evident that every detail of Indus from its music to all the gameplay elements carries a very distinct Indian characteristic to it.

Indus might look similar to another popular battle royale Apex Legends in feel and texture, but if you go in-depth and take a look at its lore, your second outlook towards the game could be different.

The first-ever gameplay trailer of mobile battle royale Indus has been revealed by SuperGaming

SuperGaming released the first-ever proper gameplay trailer of the mobile battle royale Indus yesterday on India's 74th Republic Day on its official YouTube channel. The company also launched this video across some of the biggest locations in London, England following a series of high-impact takeovers.

This is not the first time that SuperGaming has executed such a marketing campaign, having previously launched the trailer of Indus at New York's Times Square on India's 73rd Independence Day (15th August 2022).

The gameplay video takes viewers on a tour through the battleground called Virlok, where players would be engaging in skirmishes while also exploring the vast map to find and scavenge loot that enables them to grow stronger.

A few things that came to our notice from watching the trailer are as follows,

  1. Players would be dropping into Virlok through some sort of a teleporter.

  2. Different Mythwalkers (characters) shown to us in the trailer are Adam, Sir-Taj, Adya, Null, Void, and Big Gaj.

  3. Various weapons, their reload actions, firing mechanisms, and more are also presented in great detail.

  4. Glimpses of some key locations from around Virlok are also presented to the viewers.

Big Gaj - Character from mobile battle royale Indus

This first look of the mobile battle royale looks quite clean, but the actual difference maker at this point in time is the blend of Indian culture in various aspects of Indus, along with its in-depth lore that is slowly being presented to the audience.

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