Post Malone Loves Battle Royale Game Apex Legends

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Post Malone has professed his love for gaming time and again.
The musician has streamed on Twitch and enjoys playing Battle Royale (BR) games.
He also plays Apex Legends and has stated many a time that it is his favorite BR game.

Post Malone is one of the biggest musical artists in the world, but he has been very open about his love for gaming. Two years ago, Post Malone bought an equity stake in Envy Gaming and now co-owns Call of Duty team Dallas Empire, and Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel. He has talked about his love for Battle Royale (BR) games and why he prefers playing Apex Legends over Call of Duty Warzone or Fortnite.

Post Malone playing Apex Legends with iiTzTimmy

On 7th July, Post Malone was seen playing Apex Legends with Timmy "iiTzTimmy" An where he played legends Octane and Wraith.

They played the game for more than five hours after which Post Malone left and Timmy moved to play Escape from Tarkov. This was not the first time Timmy and Post Malone played Apex together. Notably, the duo played together on stream on 24th February. The clip of Timmy helping Post set up his stream went viral on social media and many esports personalities and Apex Legends fans reacted to it.

Post Malone stated during the return stream in February that Apex Legends really brought back his passion for gaming. He said, “There was no game that really, like, made me want to play video games. This game [Apex Legends] has really brought back my passion for gaming.

He also revealed that he watched other streamers and YouTubers including TSM Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen and Japanese streamer Crylix. Reacting to this, Crylix wrote on Twitter, “OMFG Post Malone knows about me! W(HNF(('YWHNFY(NJ(UWFGGWG.”

Post Malone talks about his love for Apex Legends

Post Malone appeared on the NELK Boys’ Full Send podcast which premiered on 9th June and he spoke about Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale Apex Legends and his love for the game. While explaining that he got into the game a year and a half ago, Post said, “Fortnite never stuck out to me because I don’t want fu***** 12-year-olds cranking 90s on me and literally making me fu***** throw my monitor across the room. I would play Warzone, and Call of Duty, I was just never a BR guy because I’m not that good at them. But something about Apex, I just started playing it and I really, really enjoyed it.

Post Malone said he has streamed thrice on Twitch and that he had so much fun playing with Timmy. With Post playing with Timmy again, fans might actually see the musician stream a bit more often in the coming days.

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