League of Legends Star Guardian Event might feature a Porter Robinson cinematic musical


Porter Robinson & League of Legends Collaboration in the Making?

Star Guardian event is just on the horizon!

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Porter Robinson is an American DJ who has previously streamed and played League of Legends.
Riot Games has credited Porter Robinson's website in the description of the new Star Guardian teaser, hinting at a possible collaboration.

It has been less than a day since Riot Games released the teaser trailer – Return To Valoran City – for the upcoming Star Guardian event in League of Legends. Apart from introducing the event to the player base, Riot Games dropped multiple hidden clues and easter eggs in the teaser, hinting at the upcoming set of new Star Guardian skins. However, the surprise does not stop there. As you scroll down to the detailed description of the teaser, you should be able to spot the name Porter Robinson, who was also credited but not specifically. Riot Games had only provided a simple link to Porter Robinson’s website.

Is Porter Robinson working with Riot Games for the Star Guardian event?

In the month of April during Coachella, Riot Games Music posted a photo of DJ Sona along with two OfflineTV members. In this photograph, Sona can be seen sporting Porter Robinson’s DJ Potaro merch.

Sona wearing a DJ Potaro t-shirt, merch by Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is a famous American DJ, best known for his hit song Shelter. The DJ has also played and streamed League of Legends and was part of the Grubhub Feeding Frenzy at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2021 Showdown Finals weekend.

American DJ Porter Robinson performing at an event

Knowing Riot Games, one can be sure that the mention of his name in the teaser description looks like the making of a stellar collaboration between the company and him for the upcoming Star Guardian event.

According to DJ Mag, “Shelter pulls aesthetic cues from the producer’s [Porter’s] lifelong obsession with Japanese culture and anime. The visual, which took longer than a year to fully develop, expanded Robinson’s artistic reach by creating worlds within his music and extending his vision beyond the beat.

Given that Porter Robinson is an anime-enthusiast and also respects and enjoys the Japanese culture is a telltale sign of a possible collaboration. The Return To Valoran City teaser had a typical anime aesthetic and was covered in bright hues and Japanese urban imagery.

A girl in pink hair and school uniform in the teaser could be Star Guardian Kai'Sa

For the 2019 Star Guardian event, Riot Games released an animated music video and it featured legendary anime composer, arranger, lyricist, pianist, and music producer Hiroyuki Sawano.

So maybe fans can hope to see Porter Robinson’s music for the upcoming cinematic which will accompany the Star Guardian event. According to Riot Games’ announcement, players will be able to take part in the in-game event starting 14th July.

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