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League of Legends Star Guardian Event Teaser: Top 10 Hidden Clues

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Riot Games released a new teaser for the upcoming Star Guardian event which kicks off on 14th July.
The teaser, though only a minute long, contains multiple hidden clues that could potentially hint at the upcoming Star Guardian skins.

Riot Games released the official teaser for the upcoming League of Legends Star Guardian Event. According to the one-minute anime-like teaser, players can prepare to play the next in-game event starting on 14th July. The teaser in itself embodies a typical anime aesthetic, covered in bright colors and sakura petals featuring potential hints at Star Guardian skins of Ahri, Rakan, Xayah, Jinx, and the upcoming ones for Akali, Rell, Sona, and Kai’Sa

The teaser entitled “Return to Valoran City” not only introduces the League of Legends community to the upcoming Star Guardian event but is also laden with clues hinting at the champions who are likely to get a starry makeover.

The one-minute video is a compilation of different sceneries sans people and it shows a very urbanesque high-school setting. In the final shots of the teaser, fans are introduced to a pink-haired woman, who can be seen wearing a Star Guardian pendant around her neck. However, her face is not entirely revealed.

City of Valor

Star Guardian Event: Hidden clues in the Return to Valoran City teaser

1. Star Guardian Ahri’s Kiko and her phone

After descending from the skies, viewers are introduced to a study table that has a plush toy, a phone, a headphone set, and an orb with a tag hanging from it. The wall of the room also has a polaroid of two friends, of which one seems to be Star Guardian Ahri. The plush toy is also a representation of Ahri’s magical medium Kiko.

Hints suggest that this could be Star Guardian Ahri's table

2. Star Guardian Rakan and Star Guardian Xayah featured on a lock

At 14 seconds in the teaser, the camera slowly focuses on a lock that has two distinct feathers painted on it, one in red and red, and the other in pink. Xayah and Rakan are League of Legends’ quirky couple and the lock on a bridge setting could be a reference to Paris’ love lock bridge.

Star Guardian Xayah x Star Guardian Rakan feathers

3. Star Guardian Jinx’s graffiti

Viewers can spot two distinct things at 16 seconds in the teaser. The first one people would probably notice is the creepy figure on the ground with peering eyes in the dark part of the alley. It could be a hint at the new Star Guardian Fiddlesticks skin, which is reportedly a part of this cosmetic line. It could also be Star Guardian Syndra’s magical medium: Multi.

The second thing to note is the wall to the right and you might spot a familiar design. The graffiti is awfully similar to Jinx’s monkey graffiti. This is a reference to Star Guardian Jinx.

Monkey graffiti on the wall could be for Star Guardian Jinx

4. Star Guardian Akali

Akali is one of the only champions in League of Legends who has a special animation where she eats Ramen. At 18 seconds in the video, viewers can spot a Ramen cup on the floor and this might actually be a confirmation of the rumors about a new Star Guardian Akali in the making. The very next frame features different vending machines and you should be able to spot small figures of the Star Guardian lineup including Star Guardian Poppy and Star Guardian Soraka.

Ramen cup strewn on the floor could be a hint for Star Guardian Akali

5. Cheeky Riot Games logo in the city’s skyline

The teaser takes us on a tour of this beautiful, Japanese-inspired city and the frame pans along the Valoran City’s skyline. On the right side of the screen on one of the towers, you should be able to spot Riot Games’ red, fist logo.

6. Elder Dragon logo as the school’s emblem

Viewers are now taken on a tour inside the high school from the streets of Valoran City. The school building is introduced to the viewers and the camera zooms in on a logo that sports a Dragon. This is not just another dragon, but it is the representation of the all-powerful Elder Dragon from League of Legends.

7. Star Guardian Rell on locker?

Inside the school, the teaser cuts to a shot of the lockers and one of the open lockers has pink shoes, a bunch of pencils on a stand, and also stickers and polaroids stuck on the inside. One of the polaroids has three women captured in it and the one on the extreme left looks like Rell because of her iconic hairstyle. It could also be Star Guardian Taliyah

This polaroid could possibly be Star Guardian Rell or Star Guardian Taliyah

8. Musical notations hint at Star Guardian Sona

Towards the end of the teaser, we are shown music practice rooms and multiple musical notations. At 36 seconds, in the empty classroom, viewers should be able to spot a pencil pouch covered in musical notes again. These are hints at the upcoming Star Guardian Sona skin. In front of what looks like Sona’s desk, there is a bag that has Ramen pins. Again, these could be indications for the Star Guardian Akali skin.

9. Star Guardian Kai’Sa - the main character?

A girl in pink hair and school uniform could be Star Guardian Kai'Sa

The closing seconds of the teaser presents a girl with pink hair in a school uniform and this could very well be Star Guardian Kai’Sa. In the in-game models that were earlier leaked, Kai’Sa can be seen sporting pink hair and in a stellar white Star Guardian outfit.

10. Porter Robinson is a part of the Star Guardian event?

American DJ Porter Robinson, who is best known for his hit song Shelter, has been credited in the detailed description of the trailer. Notably, in the month of April during Coachella, Riot Games Music posted a photograph of DJ Sona along with two OfflineTV members and Sona can be seen sporting Porter Robinson’s DJ Potaro merch. Knowing Riot, in hindsight, it looks like an Easter egg, hinting at a potential Porter Robinson collaboration.

Sona wearing a DJ Potaro t-shirt

The League of Legends community which was seeking confirmation of the speculated Star Guardian skins is now left even more confused and thrilled with this easter egg-filled teaser. All doubts will likely be answered on 14th July and the event could be potentially spread out over two patches – LoL Patch 12.13 and LoL Patch 12.14 – since the event is big and is looking to introduce as many as 11 new skins.

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